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Close-up on Reason

Curious about the details? Here the Reason devices are explained in full detail with thorough descriptions of what each device is capable of and what the buttons and knobs on the panels are actually used for.

Drum Machines and Loop Players

Kong Kong

Load, sculpt, build and tweak your sounds with your choice of drum synthesis, sampling, REX loops, physical modeling and custom-made effect modules for percussion on Kong's 16 pads.

Dr. Octo Rex Dr. Octo Rex

No matter how you use it — as a pattern sequencer for loops, or to completely mangle your REX'ed audio — it is guaranteed to inspire.

Redrum Redrum

This close-up will tell you all there is to know about Reason's drum machine.


Thor Thor

Four different filter types. Six forms of synthesis. Godlike modulation capabilities. Thunderous sound. Want to find out more?

Subtractor Subtractor

This close-up will reveal all the cool features of the Subtractor synth.

Malström Malström

Take a close look at the mean green machine in the Reason rack.



All the details about Reason's grand sampler.

NN-19 NN-19

Want to know more about Reason's original sampler?

Devices n' Stuff

Reason Sequencer Reason sequencer

The Reason sequencer. Fully grown and fully featured, Reason's music production environment comes with vector and tempo automation, count-in, multiple lane tracks and much more.


Turn boring chords into fluttering melody lines with the RPG-8, Reason's new tool for creative arpeggiation.

MClass Mastering Suite The MClass Mastering Suite

MClass brings you four separate pro level mastering units designed to add power, presence and an overall professional feel to your Reason mixes.

Spider Audio & CV Spider Audio & CV Mergers & Splitters

Sneak a peak at two handy utilities for signal path routing.

ReGroove Mixer ReGroove Mixer

It's all about timing for Reason's groove management console. Meet ReGroove mixer, the unquantizer.

The Combinator The Combinator

Build your dream instruments and load up fat, layered sounds in seconds with the Combinator, Reason's unique tool for combining and controlling devices.

Matrix Matrix

The Matrix is the analog type sequencer in Reason.

The Rack The Rack

The rack is Reason's framework. Here you will learn more about routing, modulation and other rack related tricks.


Reason comes loaded with a wide selection of effects. Let's take a closer look at a few of them!

RV7000 RV7000

This close-up will give you the lowdown on Reason's new advanced reverb.

BV512 Digital Vocoder BV512 Digital Vocoder

A close-up on the multi-talented 4 to 512-band vocoder with the power to equalize.

Scream 4 Scream 4

A close-up detailing the destruction the Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit can unleash on your sounds.