Line 6 Guitar and Bass POD®

For guitar and bass players, Reason comes installed with separate guitar and bass POD® units from amp and cab simulation experts Line 6, Inc. With bass and guitar amplifiers available for every single track in your Reason project, you are never short of interesting tones and timbres. As the Line 6 amplifiers are insert effects and don't affect the original instrument signal, you are free to change your amplifier and cabinet settings at any point in time - even after laying down your track.

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The Line 6 Guitar Amp and Bass Amp are amplifier and speaker cabinet simulators based on the renowned modelling algorithms developed by Line 6. The two devices feature accurate simulations of five of the most coveted vintage amplifier and cabinet models, that you can freely mix and match. Setting up a great amp tone for your guitar or bass is easy, regardless of what type of sound you are looking for.

The Line 6 Amps can be used to process any signal but are best used “live”, as insert effects on the Audio Track Channel that a live instrument is connected to, so that you can monitor the effect as you play and record.

When recording electric guitar or bass, the basic tonal character of the amp/cabinet very much affects how the instrument responds, which in turn affects your playing. The Line 6 Amps allow you to set up a good basic tone with a minimum of fuss - and a maximum of fuzz! - so you can start recording straight away.

Infinitely expandable

If you have a Line 6 USB hardware device connected to your computer, you can access all the Amp and Cabinet model you own from within the Line 6 Guitar/Bass Amp in Reason. The additional amp/cab models will be listed together with the standard models and are selected and tweaked in the same way.

Learn more about expanding with more models over at Line 6's web site.

Recording Guitar

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