Record Reason Duo

Record Reason Duo combines the synths, samplers and drum machines of Reason with Record's audio recording and mixing features. Together they fuse into one incredibly powerful music application: a fast, lean and fun software application that lets you stay focused on your music making.


Reason comes with everything you need to start making music: synths, samplers drum machines, mixing and effects; all arranged as a classic studio rack on your screen. With its huge sound bank that contains everything from faithfully reproduced acoustic instruments to gritty drum loops and esoteric synth patches, you will find something that suits your taste, whatever style of music you're into. Reason is the fastest way to go from initial idea to finished music.

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Record is Propellerhead Software's brand new recording software. Record gives you unlimited audio tracks, world class effects and mixing gear, and a whole new take on music recording. With an intuitive, straightforward interface and a hands-on approach to capturing performances, Record was designed for musicians - not audio engineers. This is recording done right. Version 1.5 adds the brand new Neptune Pitch Adjuster and much more.

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Getting started with Reason and Record

Getting started with Reason and Record is easy. After learning the first basic steps, you're ready to start making music. But it doesn't end there! Reason and Record are easy to use, but can be as deep as you could wish for. After learning the basic moves, move on to more advanced uses, all while learning about music technology and music production. And we are here to help you on the way too! Below you will find a list of great places to get started:

  • Record Micro Tutorials
    These short and focused tutorial videos will show you the basics of Record, one feature at a time.
  • Record Micro Tutorials
    These are short tutorials showing details on how the new devices in Reason 5 work.
  • New in Reason 5
    Check out the presentation videos for the news in Reason 5 and Record 1.5.
  • Record U
    Our very own recording academy will teach you the basics of recording. While Record U is based on Propellerhead Record, all tips are universal, and will help you get started with recording, music-making and music software regardless of what tools you use.
  • Product Specialist Blog
    Our very own product specialist James Bernard shows his Reason chops with weekly tips videos.
  • Discovering Reason
    If you want to get really deep with Reason, these detailed articles explore the inner secrets of all the instruments and devices in Reason.
  • Artist stories
    Who's using our software? And what are they doing with it? Check out our artist story section for interview videos with musicians and producers who depend on Reason and Record in their professional lives.

How to buy

Convinced already? Can't wait to get your hands on this powerful software and start making music? Here's how to buy Reason and Record:

Buy Reason & Record from your local dealer

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Buy Reason & Record from Propellerhead's web shop

You can also use Propellerhead's own web shop. We deliver world-wide.

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