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We know that one of the main reasons for visiting this website is to learn more about how to use our products. To make this easier, we have collected learning materials not only located on the Propellerhead website, but also elsewhere.

Berkleemusic Online Reason Courses and Certificate Programs

Learn Reason Online with Berklee

Berkleemusic and Propellerhead Software have developed Reason online courses and certificate programs that provide a powerful credential for any resume, as well as the practical skills necessary to pursue your creative ideas using Reason.

The Berkleemusic Reason Certification Program enables artists from around the world to reach their creative potential by acquiring this industry-recognized certification. One of Propellerhead's goals as a company is to provide the tools and the path towards making music a reality for all artists, and the Reason Certification Program is a valuable step towards that goal.

Free Reason Sample Course Offer

Berkleemusic is offering a free sample of their Producing Music with Reason online course. See what it's like to take an online Reason course with Berkleemusic!

Click here to try the sample course

Reason Resources

We've assembled some links of dedicated learning resources for Reason. Whether you prefer a printed book, interactive CD or classroom setting, there's probably something for you here.

Reason learning resources

Video Tutorials

Whether you're looking for a general “getting started” video or a more in-depth look at one of the Reason devices, you’ll find it all on the Propellerhead YouTube channel:


ReWire Tutorials

ReWire allows you to stream audio in real time from Reason to a ReWire host application, play back and locate with both programs in perfect sync and send MIDI from the ReWire host application to Reason, for external MIDI control of the devices. In the ReWire help section, we've assembled a number of guides to show you how to use Reason in pair with the audio application of your choice.

ReWire tutorials

Discovering Reason

Discovering Reason is a series of articles created especially for people who have been using Reason for some time, yet can't help but feel they've only scratched the surface. Reason guru Fredrik Hägglund, along with several guest writers, will help you change that.

Discovering Reason

And finally, don't miss out on our collection of various Propellerhead related tutorials on and off this website.