The Mixer

Walk into any recording studio and the large format mixer is the creative centerpiece of the production environment. Reason 6 is no different. A musical tool in itself, the mixer is where you bring all the elements of your production together and shape them for your final release.

If the mixer looks like a big powerful pro mixer, that's because it is! Modeled after the SSL 9000k, one of the most legendary analog studio consoles in modern music history, Reason's mixer doesn't just balance your levels... it shapes your sound. In fact, the mixer in Reason has become so popular that pro mix engineers have made it their weapon of choice to tap into the clarity, punch, and analog characteristics provided by the modeled EQ or compressors on every channel... and that's not to mention the master bus compressor.

Faithfully modeled EQ and dynamics on every channel. These don't just look like an analog console, they sound and respond like one too!

The Master Bus Compressor

Maybe you've previously heard us get excited about our "master bus compressor" ...or maybe your friends won't stop talking about "the master bus compressor" in Reason and you're starting to wonder: what exactly are we talking about? It looks small and unassuming but the master bus compressor is your mix's "secret sauce"

The SSL* master bus compressor has long been famous for its ability to glue mixes together and give all your tracks a sense of cohesion. It's not about brick wall mastering. It's about a style of warm compression that you've been hearing on mixes for the past 30 years. By applying this analog magic to your full master mix bus, your drums will gain punch, your bass more warmth, and your sound more intangible sparkle. Sounds too good to be true but hearing is believing.

And while we'd love to take credit for this powerful little monster, we can't. What we can proudly say instead is that we recreated the sound of this bus compressor to exacting standards. Honestly, it sounds gorgeous.

* All product names used are trademarks of their respective owners, and in no way constitutes an association or affiliation with Propellerhead Software. The SSL and/or Solid State Logic trademarks are solely used to identify the products whose sound was studied during Propellerhead Software's sound modeling development. The trademarks SSL and Solid State Logic are owned by Red Lion 49 Limited.

Gary Bromham Pro Mixing Part 149:51

Gary Bromham Pro Mixing Part 255:20

Insert and Send Effects

The mixer is equipped with eight auxillary sends (Aux) sends which operate just like a traditional pro console. In post-fader mode, you can apply RV7000 reverb to multiple channels in your mix, send drums to tape echo with The Echo, or grunge up several elements of your mix with the Pulveriser. In pre-fader mode, you can use the Aux sends to create custom headphone feeds for vocalists or recording ensembles.

In addition to the eight sends, each channel including the master bus can be loaded up with insert effects. Create effect signal chains that are only limited by your imagination for every channel in your mix, assign knobs on the mixer to control key parameters of your effects, and then automate every knob, button, and fader on the mixer for flawless mix.