A ReFill is a kind of component package for Reason that can contain patches, samples, REX files and Song files. On your computer, ReFills appear as large files with the extension ".rfl". Storing audio samples in a Refill will significantly reduce the size of the files, with no loss of audio quality. The advantages of ReFills are obvious; third party manufacturers can produce downloadable sample collections for Reason for example, and it simplifies exchanging samples in general.

Samples (Wave and AIFF files) are compressed to about half their original file size when stored in ReFills. With ReFill Packer, you can "pack" patches, samples, Song files etc., into one self-contained file. In Reason, you can use the browser to list and access the embedded sounds and other components within the ReFills. just as if the ReFills were folders on your hard disk.

Where can I get ReFills

The Reason ReFill Collection

This is a collection of premium ReFills made to expand the Reason user's sonic palette. Using the Propellerhead Software sampling method, these ReFills have been praised for innovation and quality.

Reason ReFill Collection

Creator Series

These are ReFills created by top producers, artists, musicians and sound designers from all over the globe, all with their own unique style. Created specifically for Reason, they contain sounds that make full use of Reason's features and functions.

Creator Series

Free ReFill Downloads

Our ReFill download section offers free ReFills from the Reason user community and demos for the multitude of commercial ReFill products available.

Free ReFills

Roll your own

Reason owners can download the ReFill Packer utility to create their own ReFills to share with friends or the global Reason user community.

ReFill Packer