The Voice of Reason

Reason ships with a huge sound bank with samples, loops and patches for all of Reason's devices and instruments. Reason 5 adds the Kong Drum Designer and Dr.OctoRex to Reason's arsenal, and naturally these new weapons needed their ammunition too.

We turned to some of our favorite producer and musicians to provide samples, loops and patches for the new instruments and what we got back was nothing short of stunning.

The signature patches can be found in the Kong and Dr.OctoRex folders in the Reason Sound Bank.

Bomb Squad (BSQ)

Hank Shocklee and Keith Shocklee of legendary Hip Hop production team The Bomb Squad are most known for their groundbreaking work with Public Enemy. Long time Reason users, they have provided Kong kits and Rex loops that should appeal to fans of gritty and raw sounds.

Adam Beyer & Cari Lekebusch (BL)

Leaning on 15 years of production and touring, Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch need no introduction within the techno community. Their Kong kits makes heavy use of Kong's analog and physical modeling generators for their trademark bass-heavy Swedish techno sound.

Printz Board (PB)

As the musical director for The Black Eyed Peas, Printz has a love for using unusual and weird sounds in his productions – something clearly stated with his collection of Rex instrument loops.

Sharooz Raoofi (SHA)

Besides being an established tech house producer and DJ, Sharooz also runs the sound design company Sample Magic. His kits and loops should be useful within a wide range of electronic music styles.

The Salazar Brothers (TSB)

Swedish production team The Salazar Brothers are mainly known for their Hip Hop production but have also produces Swedish rockers Mando Diao. Their kits and loops have a clean urban sound.

Organic Sounds of the ReFills

Reason isn't just about synthesizers, drum machines and fancy effects. ReFills are expansion packs for your sound library that can add masterfully sampled, organic, acoustic instruments to your Reason rack. Propellerhead makes brilliant ReFills useful in all styles of music; organic pianos, electrifying organs, souloful drum kits and much more. These hypersampled ReFills don't just recreate the sound of the instruments, but the very signal paths and recording techniques used to capture them.

With the clever Combinator device you have easy access to parameters that will help you shape your sound the way you want it. Ribbon mic or ambient mics? Choose the one you want.

And it doesn't end there of course. If the sound you are after can not be found in any of the Propellerhead ReFills, there is a large and vibrant community of ReFill makers out there, ranging from the bedroom enthusiast to professional sound design companies. If you can hear it, there's a ReFill for it.

Sounds Of Refills

Solo Violin

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Solo violin performance using the Orkester sound bank that ships with Reason.

Detroit Relax

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Full track produced with the Reason Soul School ReFill. With its selection of rex loops and sampled instruments it's like getting your hands on a stack of soulful multitrack masters to sample.

Steinway Grand

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In this example you hear the Steinway grand from the Reason Pianos ReFill. What you hear is a recording using the room mics to give extra ambience to the sound.

Bass Grooves

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A collection of example grooves using the Reason Electric Bass ReFill for all bass sounds. Reason Electric Bass lets you mix and match between combinations of bass guitars, amps and mics.

Kong Sounds

Below you'll find demos of Reason's drum machine Kong, taken from the Reason Factory Soundbank.

Blazin by The Salazar Brothers

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Boombap by The Salazar Brothers

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Kretsloppstest by Adam Beyer & Cari Lekebusch

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Polyform by Sharooz

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Scientific by The Salazar Brothers

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Smooth by The Salazar Brothers

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Kong Drum Designer Screenshot

The Factory Sound Bank

Finding your sound is an important part of the musical process. With Gigabytes of synths, samples, drum kits, and effects, Reason's sound bank is packed with everything you'll need from the start.

The Factory Sound Bank is made up of thousands of synth patches and drum kits, REX loops and sampled instruments for all styles of music — as well as hundreds of ready-to-use effect patches and countless samples to build your own kits.

Listen to the instruments of the Factory Sound Bank