How to ReCycle - Step 2: Slicing a loop

ReCycle loop slicing

The next step is to cut up the loop in a number of slices. But first, let's make sure the loop cycles nicely. This particular loop is slightly too long; it contains an extra beat at the end. Hit the Play button and listen to the loop, and keep moving the Right locator (the handle is at the bottom of the waveform display) until the loop plays in rhythm. The R locator should be at around 3,0 seconds. This is what the loop should sound like now: Loop sound

Loop length input

Last, we need to inform ReCycle about the duration of the loop, in bars and beats. The Drum Tools Demo loop is one bar long, so click the Bars field on the toolbar and enter "1". From this, ReCycle calculates the exact tempo.

Sens slider Now for the cool stuff. By moving the 'Sens' slider, markers are automatically placed at points where ReCycle, through analysis of the waveform, guesses that individual slices should start. Click and hold the Sens handle, and drag it to the right. For this particular waveform, you need to move the slider to 71 in order for ReCycle to catch all the individual drum hits. You can add, lock and delete markers manually if you're not satisfied with the automatically generated slices - but this waveform is an easy job for ReCycle, so we're good to go.