How to ReCycle - Step 4: Saving/Exporting loops

Save dialog Now that the work on the loop is finished you will want to save or export it. The format for saving files is REX2, the latest ReCycle format which contains the audio, slice information and a time grid. The file can be directly loaded into the Dr. REX device in Reason, Reason Adapted or any audio sequencer that is compatible with the format.

You can also export the file to a number of formats - MixMan Track, SampleCell, SoundFont 2, Wave, Aiff or Akai Program File. There's also an option for MIDI files - this will export only the MIDI sequence pertaining to the loop. It can later be used as a blueprint for the timing of the loop, which a MIDI sequencer application can use to derive a quantizing grid for other MIDI recordings so that the rhythmic 'feel' of the loop can be applied to any MIDI instrument track.