How to ReCycle - Step 5: Making Music

OK, ReCycle has done its job and can be closed for now. Flash forward to the music making process. Launch Reason (or Reason Adapted), start with a blank song. Load your loop into a Dr. REX device and click the "To Track" button on the Dr. REX panel, and hit Play. Try shifting the tempo up and down, and the loop will follow.

REX Loops in Reason

Dr. REX allows for some advanced trickery such as pitch shifting, filtering, LFO panning and other goodies - play around with the parameters to get a feel for what it can do. You can also radically change the way the loop is played back by rearranging the slice notes on the sequencer track. Here's an example of what the original loop can sound like once treated and tweaked with Dr. REX and the Reason sequencer: demo sound