ReWire Tutorial Article Sonar - Step 3: Using multiple ReWire channels

In "Step 1: A Basic ReWire Setup" we set the complete Reason mix to be routed via ReWire to Sonar. But what if you want to make individual mixer settings for separate devices?

Flip the Reason rack around by pressing the [Tab] key. Each input jack in the Reason Hardware Interface corresponds to a separate ReWire channel. Each of these jacks can be routed to separate audio tracks in Sonar.


In this example we want to add an effect plug-in to a Subtractor sound and add some compression to an individual Redrum sound. We'll need to activate two ReWire channels in Sonar and route the individual Reason devices to the corresponding inputs on the Reason Hardware Interface:

1. In Sonar, create two mono audio tracks by selecting Audio Track from the Insert menu.

Sonar 3

2. Pull down the "I" drop down menu on the tracks you just created and assign them to Reason ReWire channels 3 and 4 respectively.

3. In Reason, flip the rack around by pressing [Tab].

4. Locate the Subtractor device and disconnect it from the Reason mixer. Instead, connect it to input nr 3 on the Hardware Interface at the top of the rack.

5. Locate the Redrum device connect the individual output of that drum sound channel to input nr 4 on the Hardware Interface.

6. Go back to Sonar and start playback.

Now the sound of the Subtractor device and the individual drum sound appear on separate ReWire channels in the Sonar mixer. You can make individual mixer settings for these, add effects or EQ and route them as desired!

In this example we used Reason's mixer to mix most of the devices to the Mix L and Mix R ReWire channels and only routed a few devices directly to the hardware interface. This is one way to work; alternatively, you could route all devices to separate ReWire channels. If you choose this option, you don't need to use Reason's mixer at all - all mixing is done in Sonar!

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