Selling used Propellerhead software

OK, so you've decided to part with your Propellerhead program? Here are the main things to think about and the rules that apply.

Selling earlier versions once you've upgraded to a later version.

It's easy to think that once you've upgraded to the latest version of a program and no longer use the older version, you may as well sell it and make a little bit of money. Sadly, it doesn't work that way. We hereby ask you to take a moment to read the following text to stop you from doing something you might regret.

The basic rule is: no, you can't sell only your previous versions or only your upgrade..

All your upgrade license numbers originate from your original license number. That's why it is absolutely necessary that you keep your old license numbers. This also means that you can't sell only upgrades without selling your previous versions, these licenses are connected and can't be separated. Without all your license numbers, your license isn't complete!

Here's an example of how it works: You bought Reason 1.0, that's your program license. You upgraded to 2.0 which gave you a new “upgrade number”. Now you upgrade to 2.5 and get yet another “upgrade number”. But your license number is still your Reason 1.0 number.

A new upgrade is NOT a separate program license, so if you sell your Reason 1.0 license, you sell your whole license. In that case don't forget to give the buyer all your license numbers, all your CDs and all manuals, because if you sell your Reason 1.0, you don't own the license anymore. That also means that you will not be entitled to any more upgrades of Reason, Reload and Refill Packer or any future Reason “accessories”. All these “extras” now belong to the new owner!

How is this enforced?

If we get a transfer request from a buyer who shows us, for example, a Reason 1.0 authorization card and we find out that this Reason 1.0 license has been used to upgrade to Reason 2.0 and also Reason 2.5, we will transfer all of the Reason licenses to the buyer's user account. Your only chance of getting them back will then be to try to get the buyer to reverse the sale and sell them back to you.

The Authorization card - why is it important and what happens if you have lost it?

The Authorization card is the card with the license number on it. Depending on how old they are, they look a bit different - older ones are made of yellow paper, newer ones are plastic, credit card-like cards that also hold the registration code for the license.

Why are they important?

Because, as it says on the paper the newer cards are attached to: “your license number is what you paid for”. The license number (and registration code) is what actually identifies you as the legitimate owner of the product you have. CDs and manuals can be replaced - a lost authorization card can not.

When you sell a copy of one of our products, the buyer should not only receive the program disc(s) and the printed manual, the authorization card is also a crucial part of the package as it will prove that he is now the rightful owner.

What happens if you have lost the authorization card?

This depends on whether you have registered your license number on the Propellerhead website or not. If you have, you can still sell your program and we will transfer the license registration to the buyers user account upon request from you (the buyer can't request a transfer if there is no authorization card). If you did not register your license number with us and have lost your authorization card, your program is not registereable and you should be very clear about that when trying to sell it, as describing this as a normal copy of the program would be incorrect.

New, credit card-like authorization card Older authorization card on yellow paper

Note: Some early versions of ReCycle and ReBirth did not have authorization cards.

How do you transfer the license number registration to the buyer of the software?

Once you have received payment for the software you're selling, it's time for you to transfer the license registrations to the buyers user account. To be able to do this, you need the buyers username on the Propellerhead website, and also the email address that is registered to that account. Once you have that, log in to your user account, check the license numbers you want to transfer and hit the “Transfer licenses” button and follow the instructions.

Selling “back up copies” of Propellerhead Software

You cannot sell a “backup copy”. It's that simple. It's copyright infringement. As a consumer you have every right to make sure that your software is backed up and stored in a good way but you cannot sell copies of it unless you sell your copy of Reason as well. Selling “Reason backup discs” means selling pirated software, it's that simple.

Selling NFR versions and educational copies of Propellerhead software

Since “NFR” means “Not For Resale” it should be pretty obvious you're not allowed to sell these versions. NFR versions is software we give away for free to journalists, business associates and others - the only catch is you can't sell it. How do you know if you have an NFR copy? There's usually a big, red sticker on the box with “NFR” printed in big letters.

Educational copies work just the same, you can't sell them either. If you are a school that wishes to sell your educational copies to another school, please contact web support.

Can I sell or transfer my Rack Extensions?

No, you will not be able to sell or transfer your Rack Extension licenses. These are personal licenses that are tied to your account when you purchase them.