Buying and selling used Propellerhead software

As with everything else, there is a second hand market for Propellerhead products. Before you buy or sell a used copy of one of our programs, take a moment to read through the rules that apply and the things to keep in mind as this could potentially save you a lot of time and a lot of grief.

Buying used Propellerhead Products
Found a cheap copy of Reason on Ebay? Read this before bidding.

Selling used Propellerhead Products
For those who want to sell their software (though we can't understand why anyone would want to do this - unless you got duplicates for Chrismas).

Report scams
There are some nasty people out there and some of them try to make a quick buck by selling pirated software, usually passing it off as the real thing. If you've come across one of these and want to let us know about it, this is where you do it.