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  • My song using the BV-512 Vocoder sounds different?

    Old songs using the BV-512 Vocoder in EQ mode may sound different in Reason 7.1. There was a bug in how the BV-512 Vocoder handled inputs in EQ mode. Fixing this bug caused a change in the function of the Dry/Wet knob: In older versions of Reason, the Dry/Wet knob worked in EQ mode as a level control, crossfading between the Carrier input signal and the Modulator input signal. If the Modulator source was silent, the Dry/Wet knob acted as volume knob. In Reason 7.1, the Dry/Wet knob is disabled in EQ mode. This means your old song can sound different if it contained: Read more…

  • I can’t see the models from my Line 6 POD/POD Farm in Reason

    With Reason and Reason Essentials you can use POD Farm 2.5 and what’s called “computer authorization”. This will alows you to register new model packs to your computer without having a Line 6 USB device connected. Read more…

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