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How do I upgrade to Reason version 4? What are the upgrade paths?

All previous full versions of Reason can be upgraded to Reason version 4. The same upgrade is used for upgrading all versions of Reason (1.0, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0). There is no difference in price upgrading from Reason 1.0 compared to upgrading from version 3.0. While you won't need the discs for your previous version of Reason to install the upgrade, you do need to have registered your original license number with us.

Academic versions of Reason can be upgraded with the regular upgrade package. It is not possible to upgrade an Academic license with an Educational upgrade.

Reason Adapted can be upgraded to the full version of Reason version 4. The Reason Version 4 Upgrade for Reason Adapted is available in the PropShop, as well as from retailers all over the world. Reason Adapted can not be upgraded with the regular upgrade.

Educational multi packs can only be upgraded with educational multi pack upgrades. For more information, please contact the distributor of our products in your region.

NFR versions of Reason can not be upgraded.

The price for the upgrade from previous full versions of Reason to version 4 is EUR 99.00 / USD 129.00. For educational upgrade pricing, please contact your distributor.

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