Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack

Posted by Mattias on 2014-01-08 in Tutorials


Robert Anselmi, the man behind Reason101, has just released a very comprehensive book called Reason 101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack. We just got a copy sent to us and really like it. Every device is covered in great detail and there are tons of useful sound design tutorials. There are even sections dedicated to specific Rack Extensions!

We liked it so much that we convinced Rob to share a tutorial from the book for free, exclusively here on the blog! Click the icon below to download a .pdf version of the chapter “Creating Kick Drums”


Download Download a sample chapter:
Creating Kick Drums

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7 Tips for Reason 7

Posted by Mattias on 2013-11-26 in Tutorials


In this exclusive article, Matt Piper will highlight his 7 favorite new features in Reason 7.  To learn more, join lynda.com and get access to his Up and Running with Reason 7 video course as well as over 100 other classes on recording, mixing, mastering, acoustics and software.

1.)  Use Hi-Pass and Low-Pass filters to define your mix
Before ever touching any other EQ controls, once you have set comfortable relative signal levels for each channel in your mix, you can define the sonic space of each channel with the Hi-Pass and Low-Pass filters. For instance, set the low pass filter on the kick so that the highest frequencies of the kick do not overlap with the core frequencies of the snare. Then use the high-pass filter on the snare to filter out unnecessary low frequencies. For visual feedback on what you are doing, press F2 on your computer keyboard to see the Spectrum EQ display.

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Additive sound design with Parsec

Posted by Mattias on 2013-11-22 in Tutorials

The Parsec Spectral Synthesizer is a sound designers dream. With two independent sound engines, up to 1024 oscillators per voice, a wide range of sound sculpting tools, built-in effects and free modulation routing, Parsec is capable of an incredibly wide range of sounds.

In this tutorial, product specialist Mattias shows you how to create a beautiful bell sound from scratch. If you want to go deeper with Parsec, this video is for you. Also, make sure you download the Reason 7 song file (below) to hear Parsec in action!

Try Parsec now
Download the .reason song file (requires Reason 7)

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Parsec Micro Tutorial

Posted by Mattias on 2013-11-15 in Tutorials

Parsec is capable of some absolutely mind-blowing sounds only possible with additive synthesis. But before you dive in too deep, make sure you check out this new Micro Tutorial! We’ll tell you all about how additive synthesis works and how you can experiment with Parsec to bring new sounds to your music.

Check out Parsec and download your 30-day trial here.

You can also download the song featured in the tutorial as a .reason file by clicking here.

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Four EQ tips for a better mix

Posted by Mattias on 2013-10-04 in Tutorials

EQ is probably the most important tool to make sure your mix sounds good. But how do you know where to cut or boost? What frequencies are important? In this video I’ll let you in on four EQ tips for a better mix. Learn basic EQ usage, what frequencies matter in a kick drum and more!

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