SpyCam February 2000 - The NAMM shots

After a long long time of no updates, we are happy to announce: The Spycam Page - NAMM edition!

Part 1 - going to LA

Three tired propellerheads after weeks of rush coding finally settles down for a long long flight to LA. Finally time to catch up on some sleep?

No! Why sleep when you can work. Marcus is doing some coding and Ernst is doing... whatever Ernst is doing. (sorry Ernst, no Email in plebs class).

Part 2 - The show

Peter Jubel at the Reason Station in the Steinberg booth. Nice backdrop, eh?

The show was a huge success for us and for Reason. Our station was packed with people and Rodney & co's stage demo was very popular.

Two mullet sightings at the show. We are all quite used to the fair amounts of mullets at the Frankfurt Messe, but actually, there were more mullets at the NAMM show. It seems to be some style code of the US music industry. Way to go! Next NAMM show we are all going to have mullets.

Club PowerBook. The backstage area of the Steinberg Booth was instantly converted to a field office us, Rocket Networks and Cubase.net. Here Stacey (Rocket Networks), Bowen (Cubase.net), Willie (Rocket Networks) and Mr. Webmaster are fighting over the sparse ethernet cables kindly provided by Rocket Networks (Thanks André).

Part 3 - Having fun

Apart from being at the NAMM show we also squeezed in some leisure time as well.

The big gathering. Peff, Mark Of The Cubase.net, Tage, Peter, Marcus (in a suit!), Ernst, Jesuspark, Wolfgang and Sandra are sipping umbrella drinks in the revolving bar at the Bonaventura Hotel.

Reason live gig! The ad-hoc band 'The Unreasonables' did a live gig at the Rocket Networks party at the Hyatt Regency's top floor. From left, Bowen (Cubase.net), Tage, Rodney (Cubase.net), Citizen K (Cubase.net) and Mark (Cubase.net). We played on four PowerBooks (one mixman, two Reasons and one VST instruments) and one Waldorf synth.

Check it out, Mixmans ultra-sleek control pad from space toys..

The proud founders of Propellerhead Software, Marcus, Peter and Ernst, waiting for the Terminator 2 show at Universal Studios in pretty goggles. Note the not so well-looking guy behinds Marcus's shoulder... We don't know what got to him... Perhaps the excitement over the coming 3d.