SpyCam February 2003 - The headwear edition

NAMM is over, but with the "Replace Hardware" campaign launched and Reload getting closer to beta testing every day, we still have plenty do to here at the propellerheadquarters. Since February has been really cold, even for Sweden, this months issue of the SpyCam will focus a bit on the things people choose to wear on their heads; both to protect themselves from the cold and for various other reasons.

Let's start out with Stoffe, who claims he tries to set a good fashion example, and that this fur hat is a part of that mission. Good luck!

You almost start to wonder if Ernst knew about the plans for a headwear edition of the SpyCam when he planned our surprise activity: cooking a six course dinner in a restaurant kitchen, aided by professional chefs.

Help or no help, poaching eggs is tricky business. Mia is trying to determine weather this egg is done or not.

What a fantastic opportunity to combine the two themes "presenting new p-heads" and "headwear"! This is Peter, one of our new programmers.

Pelle enjoys himself immensely!

And so does Tage...

Overall, there was a lot of goofin' off, we still haven't solved the mystery of who switched the sugar for salt in the dessert. We have suspects, though...

Against all odds, the food turned out great and a good time was had by all.

Back to the headwear theme: this unique, furry thing has been seen around the office a couple of times during the last few months. The pink(ish) fashion statement belongs to Alex's girlfriend. Alex (left) has been helping out with some graphics throughout the winter. We should really get a better photo of Alex, especially as he is one of the few who seems to respond to Stoffes campaign for snappy dressing.

Ok, last headwear-related photo. During NAMM, a few of the propellerheads left behind held a competition about who looked the most stupid in Tages headphones. Micke won.

Ever since the first campaign pictures showed up at the office, everyone has been pestering Michael to get campaign t-shirts for all of us. Well, the big box finally arrived!

Just look at how happy Dan is to get his long-awaited shirts!

This is Kalle, another one of the new faces around here. Since I promised to try to get photos of all recent additions to the propellerhead crew, we'll let this picture slip through, even though he looks improperly solemn for such a happy occasion.

Fredrik Hägglund, former webmaster (and support person and beta test leader and... pretty much former everything and anything, acutally) stopped by to discuss the series of "Discover Reason" articles he's currently writing for our website.