SpyCam Spring 2004

We may look lazy when you look at the update frequnzy of the SpyCam but remember - it may just be that we're really busy with other stuff. Anyway, here's a short SpyCam to show you that spring is here and makes us all do funny things.

This young man across the yard from the Propellerheadquarters celebrates the arrival of spring by blasting brit pop very loud and singing at the top of his lungs.

As most of the Propellerheads watch in awe, our happy neighbor swithces from singing to air guitar.

And then to air drums...

Lo and behold! This is an instrument you don't see every day: the air saxophone! How do we know that's what it is? Well, the music did give us a helpful clue.

This woman doesn't seem to enjoy the spring serenade though. We don't know whether she's calling the landlord or the cops, all we know is that to our collective disappointment, none of them showed up.

We think this lady was hoping for the cops as well.

The incident with the lady upstairs didn't discourage our neighbor though, quite the opposite actually. As you can see, he's gone for his guitar.

And then - just as sudden as it started - the guy is gone and all is quiet. Maybe the cops did show up after all?

Since we're such nice persons, we've tried to make it impossible to recognize the persons in the photos (that's what the gray squares in the close-ups are all about). If you're one of the people featured here and object to it, just pop across the yard (the address can be found here on the website) and let us know and we'll remove your photo.