SpyCam September 2004

It's time for another Spy-Cam update! The summer is over and the 10 year aniversary is just around the corner. Here's what's been going on lately.

We've had a lot of cake lately, for happy and sad reasons both. One sad thing is that a couple of propellerheads decided to leave us. This photo shows them both, along with one of their replacements.

Michael, who's been keeping the office and the prop shop going for close to four years, decided to move to South America with his girlfriend - very adventorous! He's now living happily in Buenos Aires and is rumored to make a living from selling saddles (don't ask). In this photo, he's holding a bag of great tasting coffee beans we got from one of our users. Thanks!

Leo Nathorst-Böös (yes, they're related) stepped up to fill in for Michael. Fresh out of school, he only plans to stay here until the beginning of next year, but he's doing one hell of a job so far. And no, we didn't glue the phone to his ear - though it may seem like it from these photos.

Solis also decided to get his kicks elsewhere. Since he was the first person to be hired by Propellerhead, he's been with the company forever and he's behind more things than you can even begin to imagine. Here he is with his "thanks and farewell"-bottle of whisky, striking his best "lost in translation" pose. Very mature and grown-up.

It seems only yesterday that Solis looked like this. They grow up so fast! This photo is from his days in the band Run Level Zero. A friendly piece of advice though, Solis: dyeing your hair works a lot better when you haven't shaved it all off.

One of the happier reasons for having cake was that our sales manager Johan turned 40. Here's another mature shot that could very well be a commercial for single malt whisky.

Time sure flies, it seems only yesterday that Johan looked like this. If we're correctly informed, this is a shot from Johans days in the band Lifeline.

The thing with our coffee and cake breaks is that you can never relax completely. If you see Dan with this look in his eyes, be prepared for anything. Notice the way he holds the spoon - he's ready to send that cake flying through the room. Also, look at Mattias! He's done this before and is ready to take cover any second.

Unfortunately, it's really hard to guard your piece of cake and take photos of everybody at the same time. Fake cream, yummy!

Ernst went to the u.s. for a few days and brought some shirts back from his visit with the Devo guys. Nobody has ever seen Loui move so fast as when he grabbed this one.

New toys are always appreciated and when this monster keyboard arrived from M-Audio, everybody wanted a look at it. Stoffe, Tage, Patrik, Ernst, Johan and Leo are all trying to decide whether they'd have room for it at home if they just knocked out a couple of walls.

With the 10 year anniversary coming up, we'll be getting a lot of visitors to the office, so we've made it look even prettier lately - especially the kitchen. Please note the new cupboards, the new carpet, the fresh coat of paint...

...the stylish glass wall, the extra row of angel lamps, the magazine rack and the new and improved award shelf - complete with spotlights to make the awards gleam and glisten!

We have also been ordered by Leo to make sure our desks are tidy and pleasing to the eye. With one day left until the first visitors arrive, Tage still has some work to do.

And so did Micke, who (apart from the normal heap of broken computers and various trash) had his work space invaded by boxes of magazines that are to be scanned. After receiving numerous complaints from Micke, Leo finally arranged...

...what he called "workers". To the rest of us, they looked pretty much like his scrawny pop kid friends, but they still seemed to do a good job of tidying up and moving stuff to our new store room in the basement.

That's all folks, that's it for now. Ok, just because I can't resist: here's another great shot of Johan from way back when. Here he is (center) whith parts of his band, the pride of Örebro: Motherlode! Is that a mullet or is it just bangs?

Well, just one more funny picture then... The guy to the right - the guy in in a hood, with tubes taped to his arms, drumming away on his cool black and purple pads - is none other than... you guessed it: Solis! The photos from this Run Level Zero gig (that took place a few years back) alone would make a GREAT SpyCam! Check out the guy dancing with chains and a plastic coat! He later covered himself in fake blood!