SpyCam December 2005

What more could you possibly want for Christmas besides a SpyCam update? Well, someone obviously ate all their spinach this year...

Winter is here. For the longest time, it seemed there would be no winter this year, just rain and general autumn weather until spring came around, but now it's crisp and cold and we've got a bit of snow, just as it should be.

It's also dark. This photo is taken at noon, and as you can see, the sun is setting already. Nice.

But let's go back to where the last SpyCam edition left off. In September, we invited our distributors over for our now annual distributors conference. The first ones to arrive though, was the Amerian Propellerhead division - James and Tim. Ernst is about to give Tim the secret Propellerhead handshake.

Thomas Wendt also showed up and was given the new employee winter gear to keep his head warm in the arctic cold.

No distributor conference would be complete without a party, and though this years event may have been slightly less extravagant than last year's 10 year anniversary, Maria and Martin still seem to enjoy themselves.

Another American visitor: Line 6 support guru David Dolan (right) hangs out with Peter.

Dan is always enjoying himself, distributor conference or no distributor conference.

Mats, however, looks less thrilled. Actually, he's just trying to live up to the grim looks that comes with his new beard (which is now gone again - apparently, a certain female member of his family complained a lot).

Tage, in his customary Kraftwerk-y party attire, hangs out with one of the guys from Ligistfilm - a gang of moviemakers who have been working with us on a number of things lately, among them...

The Reason Drumkits video! Jon, who plays the musician with poor drummer skills, gets a final touch-up before entering the set.

Jon look-alike Tengan and Tage make sure everything goes according to plan (and look very happy about it).

Here's something to look happy about though - if only it had been real! Props for the props, this toy money was used during the RDK video shoot. However, this very well could have been just another day at the Propellerheadquarters, only we normally keep the dough on the floor to make it easier to roll in.

One late afternoon, the entire part of the city where we reside lost power and we were left in the dark. Stoffe, however, refused to stop working.

Patrik, Magnus and Ernst have cozy, candle-lit meeting.

Christmas dinner time again! We started out at the Propellerheadquarters with "Glögg". This photo is pretty awful but we include it for two reasons: 1. Our new Prop Shop guy, Adrian, is in it (far left) and 2. Micke looks pretty funny when he tries to duck out of the photo.

Once the cups of "Glögg" were empty and we had held a music trivia contest, we relocated by bus to restaurant Landet. Pelle is looking relaxed while our new IT guy, Tomas, looks slightly sceptical.

Ulrika, who was one of the main conspirers behind the event, enjoys the christmasy food, turkey with apple sauce and other trimmings.

Lunkan, however, was a bit dissatisfied and claimed he didn't get enough potatoes.

To help people find their seats, winter hats with name tags were placed on each chair. Mats helps Patrik put his on.


Micke wore his without even removing the tag. I'm sure he doesn't plan on removing the name tag and giving it away for x-mas.

After dinner, the winners of the music trivia contest were presented and awarded with a book of all great albums released in modern times. Our new customer support guy, John, points out a Kraftwerk album to Ernst, who seems to be a bit depressed by not even getting close to winning the contest.

John and Mats try to raise his spririts by posing in their new attire.

That's it for now! Let's finish this edition of the SpyCam with a photo of a jolly Mats to get you in that festive holiday spirit. Merry x-mas and a happy new year to all of you!

No, wait! Since it's time to go on paternity leave and be away from computer, office and SpyCam alike for half a year, let's end with a photo of the SpyCam editor, photographer and Propellerhead webmaster - yours truly doing his best Gimli the Dwarf impersonation. If you look closely, you can almost make out my KLF pin!