SpyCam January 2006 - NAMM

As usual, Propellerheads were exhibiting at the NAMM show in Anaheim, sunny California. This year's show took place January 19-22. Throughout the show, our product specialists and guests artists were showcasing the Propellerhead product line and showed how our products are being put to good use.

So the booth finally came together. With the help of US customs, we didn't get our booth material until last minute which meant we had a very long night of work until we were done. This is what it looked like before bed time. Pretty nice!

We were concerned that our new location would mean people wouldn't find us. Apparently they did.

Two translucent remix awards, a silhouetted EM awards, a bottle of water, a magazine and an unidentified cardboard box.

One of the things we did in our booth was to sell a huge pile of long sleeve Reason T-shirts at $1 a piece. The idea was to give the money to the Red Cross' Katrina hurricane relief. For each sold T-shirt, we would also match the donation and give another dollar.

We were worried that people wouldn't buy them and that we would end up with a bunch of t-shirts to bring home again. We didn't have to worry. All 1000 t-shirts were sold out within a day.

Next to the fundraising the aim with the t-shirt sale was of course to promote Reason. Unfortunately all 1000 owners didn't wear their t-shirts the following day at the show but we spotted this guy across Hall C. May his cymbals shine.

This cymbal is probably manufactured by someone who owns the drumstick factory.

Enough said about our charity mission. The mad rush took an end with these happy fellas who grabbed the two final t-shirts. Kaching!

Give me a James Bernard please.

Electro pioneers Arabian Prince (right) and Egyptian lover (left) showing their tools.

Arabian prince did a series of full packed demos where this beats veteran of N.W.A fame showed how Reason has replaced his entire hardware rig. His old-school electro tracks rocked the house!

This year at NAMM was the first show accompanied by Line 6 as Propellerheads' US distributor. Hayden Bursk is one of Line 6 staff working with our products. Here he is carrying out one of several highly appreciated Reason demos in the booth.

It showed out (how appropriate when... being a stage person) that Hayden has got a past as a pro magician. Did he actually get Ernst on the hook here?!

New on board for this years' show too, was Sara Griggs. She is Propellerheads' recently appointed US press officer. So anyone of you representing the editorial staff at any cool mag we wish to get press cover in, look out. Here grabbing Ulrika Grevin from Propellerheads who looks quite at ease, going through her first NAMM experience.
And yes, you did see right. There are 3 (three) female persons at the same picture. Taken at NAMM. A moment of glory.

Activities outside the booth were the usual taking place at a NAMM show - risking your life in the Hilton hotel lobby night time, going for breakfasts enough for an army and keeping an eye on what is hot and not among the exhibitors. This years' action also included some really close studies. A rescue action in fact. This DJ gear vendor was undermining their business (and harassing their booth neighbors) by playing the squarest disco music. This fearless member of the Propellerhead team replaced the CD with some less out dated disco. Next day we were delighted to pick up the tunes and we knew it for sure - once a sales man always a sales man.

More NAMM business outside the booth where one of the guys is standing on his stool.

Speaking about which. G.W. Childs uses Reason for vocal processing for very well known sci-fi games based on very well known sci-fi movies. Here he showed how and gave us examples of what it could sound like during his demo in the booth.

Chris Petty from Line 6 at your service!

"Come hither, buyeth and tryeth stations that worketh"!

Some stuff for Ola to bring to Massgrav's next rehearsal.

Five funky Swedes in their three pairs of funky sneakers.

Ah! It is the Anaheim time zone that matches Marcus 24 h cycle. The trick might be the yummy Red Robin's burgers we just had. These are probably The State of Art when it comes to fast food burgers. They must be chemical modified though, in the way they pick you up from the worst of trade show state of conditions and takes you beyond satisfaction.

Say hello to the Reason rucksack!

Download and a slight distress in the air. Are ya dissing my pimped vacuum cleaner?

End of winter NAMM 2006 and team + friends celebrate 4 enjoyable days by a toast in sugary sparkling wine. Putting the show together for Propellerheads means quite a pressure on Tage, sheriff of marketing. We are all intrigued about his secret and how he is able to achieve such a great outcome in spite of all steam on his glasses.