SpyCam October 2007

Yes boys and girls, it's SpyCam time again! This edition will mainly focus on a few intense days in September when we invited people to join us for various reasons, but more on that later. Let's start off with an image of the most important thing that's happened in the Propellerheadquarters in a long time:

Reason version 4. The much awaited upgrade is ready to rock your rack.

Distributors conference

By pure coincidence (yeah right, these things take insane amounts of planning, ok?), the release of Reason version 4 coincided with our yearly distributors conference. Propellerhead distributors travelled from all over the world to join us at the former prison (now a conference center) on the island of Långholmen.

Everyone gets a first look at the new, sleek Reason version 4 packaging.

Ernst, Tim and others besides them talked about the importance of correct lighting when adressing crowds and various other important things.

Gerry Basserman did an impressive Reason version 4 demo.

And Jeremy Ellis baffled and dazzled the crowd with his wild freestyle techniques.

When suddenly, this bearded prison guard burst in to round up propellerheads and distributors alike, divide them into teams and frogmarch them out of there.

After a quick and summary court session in the dungeons, everyone was sentenced to prison. Please note that the prison guards in this photo are p-heads in disguise: Craig and Leo.

On a Monday I was arrested
On a Tuesday they locked me in the jail
I Got Stripes - Stripes Around My Shoulders
I Got Chains -Chains Around My Feet

Kanji, Tim and Greg now know exactly what mr Johnny Cash was singing about.

The rest of the day was spent performing various tasks in order to in order to finally be let out of prison. Here's Lionel, one of our Swiss distributors, trying hard not to touch any of the wires.

Lyle, Ulrika and Doug, apparently enjoying the prison life.

After the fun and games were over, the propellerhead prison guards donned the striped clothing too and the rest of the evening was spent eating, drinking and socializing.

The winning team, showing off their victory dance (which apparently bought them some brownie points from the guards, earlier in the day).

Reason version 4 - The release party!

The grand finale of the distributors conference was the release party for Reason version 4 where all kinds of Propellerhead-related people were asked to join in the celebrations. By the way, make a mental note of Fredrik's hair for later.

The party was held at the underground Underbara Bar, a very Propellerhead-looking place with lots of red and gold trimmings and tons of nooks and crannies.

Ernst (who's the boss), Mats (who's the Reason product manager) and Ulrika (who, among other things, arranged the release party) are looking happy. Is somone giving Mats bunny ears or is it the V-sign for 'Version 4'? More clues as to who's guilty later on...

More smiling faces. When not letting their hair down at release parties, Elisabeth and Maria handle all the money at Propellerhead Software.

Americans abroad. Doug and David from our u.s. distributors Line 6, with Sarah - our u.s. PR representative.

Ex-propellerhead Solis has returned to Sweden after a stint in Australia. Here he's reunited with Stoffe.

(Sort of) newlyweds and recent parents, enjoying a much-deserved night on the town: Marcus with his wife Susanne. Hey, a photo of Marcus with his eyes open - parenthood has really changed this guy!

M-Audio UK holds a improvised meeting in the upstairs seating area. Richard makes the 'version 4' sign while Paul seems to be telling him about the big one that got away.

Time for Jeremy Ellis to hit the stage with his one-man-freestyle show. In the background, Gerry Basserman brings out his trusty Eggz and loses himself in the music.

Apart from just being an amazing performer in lots of other ways, Ellis also shows some alternative controller techniques, playing with his face - Jimi Hendrix style.

Aaand... other parts of his body. Not even Hendrix went this far!

Standing room only during the Jeremy Ellis gig. Fun and games: how many Nathorst-Bööses can you find in this photo?

Kristian of Christian and Kristian enjoys a drink.

Known as 'Nickster' on the Propellerhead forums, Nick Hutton enjoys touching a bona fide Propellerhead employee. What John and Ola are doing isn't quite clear.

And here's Nick again, with renowned ReFill maker Daniel 'eXode' Olsson.

It was a Propellerhead party, OF COURSE Stefan was there, what did you think?

That clue we promised, about who was making the 'version 4' sign behind Mats' head... In this photo, it's not Nome and it sure isn't Jeremy Ellis giving himself bunny ears (he's doing other weird things with his hands), must be that third guy who's hiding behind Jeremy!

And, finally:

After 10 years, Fredrik decided it was time to say bye-bye to the dreadlocks!

Erm... actually, there's more [added 2007-10-05]

After the first version of this SpyCam edition was assembled, we discovered we'd forgotten all about our backup camera (and some various camera phone photos). Here are some shots of various every day stuff that's happened lately:

The Black Eyed Peas were in town and Printz Board stopped by to have Louie give him a sneak preview of Reason version 4. We're probably not authorized to use direct quotes, but let's just say he liked what he saw.

Motörhead's Lemmy also stopped by to... no, wait, this is just Mats showing off one of his many styles of beards. This one only lasted two days though.

Not wanting to be out-biker look:ed, Göran went and got a Reason tattoo. Or, hold it, is that just one of the new stickers you've got there?

As far as you can get from a biker look, here's what it looked like the day Craig ran out of clean socks and had to borrow his girlfriend's.

This is just in: after weeks of intense waiting, Leo finally got his Ipod touch, and the entire support crew gathered round to watch in envy (a few minutes later, there was quite a crowd, ooh-ing and aaah-ing when Leo connected to our wireless LAN and started browsing www.propellerheads.se).

No, you can't run Reason on it (might as well stop any rumor mongering at once), Leo is simply watching the ReGroove video on the Propellerhead website.