SpyCam March 1999

March 23, remeber this day folks, for this was the day when all the Propellerheads showed up at work BEFORE LUNCH! See enlarged clock for evidence. - March 23 1999

An ordinary gray, depressing as hell wedensday. But looking out of the propellerhead quarters windows, you can see something strange across the street...

Yes, apparently someone has dumped the largest soda can in the Kingdom of Sweden on the sidewalk, but hey... there's something even more strange with this picture...

Please Recycle? Oh yes... apparently the largest beverage maker in the world are eagerly waiting for the much delayed ReCycle 1.7. Go to work PropHeads! - March 17 1999


The spycam has been on vacation at the Frankfurt Musik Messe. Here are the pictures.

Rodney from Steinberg presents the VST synth, part of the new VST plug-in standard. To show it's capabilities he played 'Computer Love' by Kraftwerk. Suddenly a member of Kraftwerk showed up at the demo...

Wersi apparently makes organs for designed for the amazing year 2300. This one could fit in any Star Trek episode (Well, almost. Maybe not the one with the rock-eating, man-killing pile of trash that just mourns her children).

Rodney from Steinberg, Tim from ResRocket and Josh from Mixman at the ReCycle/ReBirth station, admiring Tim's Dreadzone Mod (Coming soon to a propellerhead site near you).

Tage and Peter in the new Propellerhead Employee Uniform: ReShirt, ReBirth watch and ice cream cone.

The coolest looking stuff at the Frankfurt Messe was just for display. This is the new Oberheim OB12.