Work one page ahead!

Designed to make things as easy as possible for the first-time Reason teacher, the lesson materials are based around a specially created Reason Adapted for Teaching program*. This contains a limited but varied selection of resources in its rack, including a mixing desk, basic effects units, drum computer, sample players, loop players, analog synths, pattern and real-time sequencers. By including only the devices that are used in the actual lessons, students can be kept focussed on the tasks in hand. Meanwhile, you can work "one page ahead", using the preparation notes to gradually familiarize yourself with the specific functions required to teach each lesson. However, with the included devices containing a similar level of functionality to those found in the full Reason program, they can be explored in as much or as little depth as you feel appropriate.

Please note that Reason Adapted for Teaching is not included in the free download. However, the lesson materials will work just as well with a full, educational copy of Reason 2.5 (for later versions, the lesson materials may need to be adapted accordingly).

Integrating the Curriculum Materials

Teaching Music With Reason is designed to allow integration with other areas of the particular national, state or college Music or Music Technology curriculum you are currently following.

Fundamental skills include:
- Listening
- Understanding musical elements
- Developing technical skills and applying these creatively

Integrating your Reason program

Reason will integrate with some existing classroom resources. ReWire technology allows the program to be linked to other ReWire capable software (Cubase SX, Logic, Live, Pro Tools, Sonar and other applications). This means that student work produced during the lessons can be extended in other classes, for example by adding audio tracks to the sequenced material.