Download Reason

Want to try out Reason? Download the software and run it in Demo Mode. Reason’s demo mode is fully functional and lets you do everything you can do in authorized mode, except for opening your saved documents.

When you have purchased Reason, activate your download on your computer with your full license.

Installation manual

Follow these links to download the Reason installation manual in your language:

New to Reason?

In this seven minute introduction to Reason, we’ll walk you through the different areas of the program and even get you started working on your first song!

More Reason Downloads

Reason updates
Free upgrades for owners of Reason.

Manuals and Help Files in various languages.

ReFill Packer
ReFill Packer lets you create your own ReFills.

Reason ReFills
ReFills are sound and patch libraries for Reason.

Remote files
Download more Remote files for your MIDI controller.

Additional Demo Songs
Download more demo songs for Reason.

Building Blocks and Templates
More template songs for Reason.

Download using BitTorrent

Here you can download Reason using BitTorrent, for better speed and stability in some cases. You will need a separate BitTorrent client, we recommend Transmission for Mac, or µTorrent for Windows.

Note: We do not provide any support regarding BitTorrent downloads. If you are unsure of how to use torrents, consider downloading Reason from the regular Downloads page instead.