Additional Record Demo Songs

The demo songs show a few examples of what can be accomplished using Record. Some of them uses Reason specific devices and in those cases Reason need to be installed on the computer as well. Please note that the rights to the songs belong to the composers and international copyright rules and regulations apply.

If you have purchased Record, some of these demo songs are also available in the folder "More Demo Songs" on your Record DVD.

Josh Mobley & Blackjack - What's the Reason

Music: Josh Mobley, Lyrics: Blackjack, Photo: Mireille Mobley, Thanks to: for use of their samples, Chaka Blackmon for use of vocal Samples and All my Twitter peeps @joshmobleymusic

(Requires Record 1.5 + Reason 5)

Download What's the Reason (77mb)

Magnus Frykberg - 700 Dreams

Written and Produced by Magnus Frykberg.


(Requires Record 1.5 + Reason 5)

Download 700 Dreams (1mb)

Josh Mobley - Push Me Down

Written by: Josh Mobley, Additional lyrics: Jodie Evans, Co-production and recording: Kurt Kurasaki, Mixing: Niklas Flyckt, Vocals: Jodie Evans, Guitar: Goh Nakamura, Drums: Tim DeGaugh, Bass: James Bernard, Keys & Programming: Josh Mobley, Photo: Mireille Mobley

(Requires Record + Reason)

Download Push Me Down (297mb)

Tobias Fröberg - What a Day

Written and performed by Tobias Fröberg, Drums played by Magnus Frykberg, Production and Mix by Tobias Fröberg and Magnus Frykberg, Photo by Knotan

(Requires Record)

Download What a Day (551mb)

Memphis Groove

Producer Martin Jonsson set out to recreate the soul sound of the 60s and 70s. He brought in 8 musicians to Hammarby Studio in Stockholm and pushed Record.

(Requires Record)

Download Memphis Groove (65mb)

Nora - Recall

Written by Nora Lindkvist and Linde Lindkvist, Produced by Karol Machata, Recorded at Audioalliance Studios Stockholm


(Requires Record + Reason)

Download Nora - Recall (249mb)