ElectroMechanical demo mp3 files

The following demos were created to showcase the various instruments in the ElectroMechanical ReFill. These songs are also included as Reason song files in the ReFill.


Cruisin Down El Meco

Cinematic Groovy Funk from the woods of Småland featuring Clavinet, Rhodes and Hammond. Written and performed by Ludvig Carlsson.


Last Minute Blues

A collaboration between Americans resulted in this cool blues featuring The Hammond and Wurlitzer EP100. Written and performed by James Bernard and Scott Wilkie, courtesy of M-Audio.


Miss Da Meanin

Yet another work from the two Americans showing off the Rhodes MK I and some oral skills by Reco. Written by James Bernard, keys by Scott Wilkie.


Pleasant Insanity

This song must be heard to be believed. Brazilian keyboard wiz Thiago Pinheiro mixes his Latin influences with oldskool jazzfusion. The track features Rhodes MK II and Wurlitzer EP200, both in a straight form and heavily distorted, making it sound more like a guitar than an electric piano. Written and performed by Thiago Pinheiro.


Slow Gospel

Exactly what it sounds like, and very authentic too. Swedish cats Martin Jonsson and Jesper Nordenström are having a heavenly moment with the Hammond and Rhodes MK II. Written by Martin Jonsson and Jesper Nordenström.


Smooth Perpetrator

Slick, ambient, retro, cool. This track has it all, utilising the Pianet T, Wurlitzer EP100, Rhodes MK II, Clavinet D6 and Hammond. Written and produced in collaboration by the two producers Magnus Frykberg and Erik Jansson.