What users are allowed to download ReFills?

Since ReFills can only be used with the full version of Reason, only users who own a copy of the full version are allowed to download them. The only way for us to know if you own Reason, is for you to register your copy to your user account.

- I have registered my copy of Reason and I'm still not allowed to download ReFills?

Please make sure you're logged in to the account you registered your Reason license to. To verify you have a copy of Reason registered to the account you're currently logged in to, visit the 'Your Products' page under Your Account

- I have registered my copy of Reason Adapted and I still can't download ReFills. Why?

Since Reason Adapted cannot load ReFills, Reason Adapted users are not allowed to download ReFills

- I don't own a copy of Reason but I want to download ReFills to try with the Reason demo

Sorry, the Reason demo does not have the ability to load ReFills, which means any downloaded ReFills would be of little use to you.

- What about the free ReFills? After all, they're free - anyone should be allowed to download them, right?

Since only the full version of Reason can use the ReFills, they would be of no use to anyone else. Why download them when you can't use them?