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  Dany Rock Jr

20 Complex Combinator patches from Dany Rock Jr. These Combinators have been created with great attention to detail. You will find epic sounds, sweet, sparkling aggressiveness and special effects...


DRJ ReFill #2
More info
DRJ Dany Rock Jr


  Andrew Skelton

This refill is for the awesome Parsec Spectral Synth. 81 patches that can be used in any genre of music production! This refill "Kommande" is free to the Propellerhead community, and was made by Andrew Skelton for

eXode - The Reason Toolbox


eXode presents his latest free refill. A toolbox of sound designer trips and tricks, as well as showcases of techniques, and a couple of extraordinary presets.

Thor FM - 1st Series

  Simon Janvier | SJ.Design

Thor FM - 1st Series ReFill is a set of Combinator patches designed for the synthesis of complex FM tones. These presets were created by means of the polysonic synthesizer, Thor. Every combinator is constituted of four Thor synths playing the role of the operators in FM synthesis. These operator are interconnected according to an algorithm illustrated on the Combinator backdrop. This ReFill contains four FM algorithms and is divided into:

-98 Original patches
-4 Initialised patches
-Every patch has its algorithm schematics on the backdrop

DRJ #1 by Dany Rock Jr (DRJ)

  Dany Rock Jr

DRJ#1 is a combination of instruments and effects judiciously assembled to deliver you high quality sound.

You will discover fresh soundscapes with some of these instruments, ideal for soundtracks, and also very metallic sounds that go through your ears.

10 Combinator patches created with the "Reason Factory Sound Bank".

DRJ ReFill #1
More info
DRJ DanyRockJr

Andrew Skelton’s PX7 ReFill

  Andrew Skelton Productions

This refill is based mainly on PX7 Combinator patches. The sounds are mainly heavy industrial style that can be used in Dubstep / Electro style production. The idea is to take the FM Synth to extremes and the end user to add their favourite RE based twists to the final sound.


  Andrew Skelton Productions

The Combimate ReFill is made up of 19 essential Combinator patches and 32 REX2 loops. The REX loops span various genres, from trip hop through electronica and Dnb. The Combinators consist of 8 essential Bass Combinators, 5 lead and 6 Pad/String Combinators that will work well in all styles of modern electronic music production in Reason.

Massive Synthesis Refill


eXode's gift to the Reason community...

The Massive Synthesis Refill is a collection of free refills, all conveniently gathered into one big archive, containing all of the free patches eXode have shared in the past. The Massive Synthesis Refill is massive! Over 2700 presets, conveniently sorted by device and collection/sub-category (or both).

Space Fights


Here is a free -008’ Reason 6 ReFill insprired by a certain movie about wars in the stars. These are combinators made entirely from Reason’s devices and effects. There are no samples whatsoever of the: movies, dialogue, sound fx etc. It’s pure Reason Sound Fx and Foley!

ReFill Contains:

  • 50 Combinator Patches

The ReFill is separated into two sections:

  1. Emulations (where I emulate the original fx) and
  2. Inspirations (patches “inspired by” the theme)

Strum and Thumb Collection

  Propellerhead Software

To accompany our recent video with Jared Meeker showing off his custom guitar tones and Reason combinators, we have assembled a small collection of our other favorite tones and patches from some Propellerhead in-house guitarists. With patches from James Bernard, Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Ryan Harlin, Jared Meeker, and Gary Bromham... this collection will give you some new sounds to play with and some classic tones for your next guitar mix.

Open Source Drumkit

  Nucleus SoundLab

The Open Source Drumkit is exactly what it sounds like - a truly public domain drum sample library created by Real Music Media. The kit contains a kick, snare, hihat, ride, crash, 3 toms and a gong. Nucleus SoundLab has brought this kit to the Propellerhead Reason 5+ ReFill format, of course as a 100% free product.

The Open Source Drumkit is heavily velocity-layered, with upwards of 20 layers on many of the kit elements. Of course, we've mapped these kits in Kong, for ease of use and great sound quality. Additionally, the OSDK has been sampled with a dry, unprocessed feel which is great for using Reason's excellent effects to produce your own unique kit.


  Nucleus SoundLab

ChordWaves contains a variety of synth chords programmed on modular synthesizers - which are ideal as song-starters for all forms of electronica. They also make excellent atmospheric textures when run through appropriate effects. This Reason 3.0+ ReFill contains:

The same samples, compressed into a 150mb Refill.

  • 230mb of samples
  • 24 Custom Combinator Patches utilizing all eight realtime knobs and buttons.
  • 16 NN-XT Patches.

Ambient Space I

  Nucleus SoundLab

Ambient Space I is an innovative soundscape library by Nucleus SoundLab for Reason 3+.

Ambient Space I is focused on extremely long ambient samples. Sample lengths range from 30 seconds to over 2 minutes! Convolution, timestretching, FFT analysis, additive resynthesis and more were used in their creation. Armed with these samples, composing your next ambient opus or soundtrack will be simple.



The free version of Additions, Additives contains a great selection of vintage additive/FM sounds from the DK Synergy and Kawai K5m plus new Thor-based FM patches and the VocoSynth.

Additives formed the basis of the second of Rob Puricelli's (FailedMuso) "PUF Challenge", creating songs using only this ReFill.

Synth Essentials


This Refill is specifically developed for Reason Essentials. It contains 60 Combinator patches, reworked for the Reason Essentials feature set. Synth Essentials also contains 400 Subtractor patches, 50 RV7000 patches and 50 Scream4 patches taken from the Massive Synthesis Refill. Finally there are 4 Redrum drumkit patches, built from 40 different drum samples, most of them new for this refill.

Zoom In Life


If you are looking for the impressive PVC pipe tones, this Refill may be the best choice you can find. And those slight noise from life, now they can sound more like an traditional acoustic instruments. Not that kind of noise regions in the usual electronic music. Cola cans, Glass, car noise like door and seat belt, tapes, iron spanner, etc...

Selig's Ear Training ReFill

  Selig Productions

This ReFill is the gift that keeps on giving. Ear Training may not be fun, but it can seriously strengthen your practical understanding of music. Doing it without leaving Reason or Record is a plus for Reason-heads, as it encourages you to spend a few minutes a day to make an investment in your musical future. So load up a Combinator and start building your musical muscles!

Reason France Refill Vol. 3

  Reason France Community

The third Free Refill from the French speaking community Reason France. Thanks to our friends from wavealchemy, you will be able to play with TR-606 Drums on Kong. Dr. Octo Rex will enjoy our 369 REX Loops. We don't forget the Combinator with 122 Patches, and of course Thor with 104 patches. Add patches for Subtractor, Redrum, Malstrom, NN-XT, Kong and Wav files to that, as well as song files for Reason. Be ready to discover Samples from the Monotron and VP-330... The ReFill also includes Combinator Backdrops for your Reason Rack!

Hub & Vent Refill pack


If you are looking for some fresh metal hits, ring, bells, chimes with different tastes and wild key ranges.

  • Or, if that kind of Stomp and ethnic metal percussions
  • Or, if stinger like metal sound tones even with ring screaming


  • 340 high quality samples and 52 Patches
  • Powerful design on Combinator Panel features
  • Less racks, more possible tones

Nightclub Series Gold

  Robert Todd

The Nightclub Series of refills combined and tweaked. Containing 127 club inspired combinators.


  Ned Rush

This collection of DSP multi-fx combis will change the way you process audio in Reason and Record forever, and will make your music making process a much more hands on and visceral experience then it already is. The Ned Rush ReFill not only brakes a few boundaries between what is capable in Reason but also some boundaries to how you handle your effects, by taking a huge collection of different effects patches and making them accessible quickly and musically from your midi piano keyboard, which can be recorded and edited into the sequencer.

Freeflight 01 - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Refill

  Propellerhead Test Pilots

---> Dateline 2010-08-25: Propellerhead Software AB released the Reason 5 and Record 1.5 so waited softwares.

Out of nowhere, there is already a third-party refill available.


Yes, that's right! "Test Pilots" wingmen introduce "FreeFlight 01 : Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Refill"!

  • 17 Kong patches
  • 31 Advanced Combinators
  • A large choice of instruments patches
  • More than 150 Mo free samples...
  • Many demosongs
  • Now, you can take off with us ! Become an Ace with your Reason5 / Record 1.5.

Mountain Synth refill

Mountain Synth is a free refill from Eric Corminier aka, inspired by the big mountains of the French Alps. Contents: 38 Combinator patches and 79 Thor patches.

The Magic Moog ReFill

  Nick Hutton

The Magic Moog Refill is a small collection of patches inspired by the minimoog synthesizer with the approval of Moog Music Inc. The aim of this free project is to introduce people to the sounds of the godfather of all synthesizers, the Minimoog. Also to inform people about the history behind the making of the minimoog together with a short lesson on how to build your own Moog like patches using Propellerhead's own groundbreaking synth Thor.



CycleOn is a real-time playback system for ReCycle REX loops. This combinator based instrument patch is designed to create live performance and DJ Style effects using Propellerhead Software Record + Reason 4 (both applications are required). The combinator is the creation of Kurt Kurasaki (Peff), and features graphics by Bitplant. The Peff 035 - CycleOn Combinator Refill comes with about 120 preset patches and includes content from Loopmasters, GW Childs, Goh Nakamura, and Tim Bulkley.

The main features of CycleOn include Tempo Synchronized Loop Playback; crossfading between two loops; auto-synchronized start and stop; loop start re-triggering effects; delay based audio juggling; a dual stage beat repeater effect; and one-click effect initiator buttons. The controls are programmed to be used in a live situation, and when used in conjunction with a control surface, CycleOn patches form the foundation of a compelling performance piece.

Hitman Drums vol.1


Happy New year from -008'!

Built from 100 original wave files, this is -008's first rap drum ReFill of 2010, featuring modern urban drum sounds layered and processed from -008's own machines and recordings! The -008' RedrummurdeR Combinator gives you fun stuff like bit reduction, tape emulation, and a mod section!

The ReFill Contains:

  • 100 Wav Drum sounds
  • 10 ReDrum kits
  • 10 NN-XT kits
  • 1 -008 RedrummurdeR Combinator

Reason France Refill Vol. 2

  Reason France Community

The French Reason community Reason France is proud to offer its new ReFill: Reason France Refill Vol.2 (for Reason 4). This ReFill has a lot of surprises. All patches are made with a unique sense of composing music, and all patches are classified according to the characteristics of the sound, making it easy to browse through the sounds and finding the ones you need. Visit to listen the many tracks made with our new ReFill... you will get new power to your Reason!

Patch list:

  • 5 RNS Demo Patch
  • 2 RNS Demo Songs
  • 21 RPS Demo Patch
  • 13 RPS Demo Songs

  • 103 Combinators Patches (some FX's)
  • 27 Malstrom Patches
  • 45 Rex Files
  • 72 Subtractor Patches
  • 112 Thor Patches

By dowloading the archive containing our Refill from, you'll get a free goodie: some backdrops for your favorite combinators.

SongWriter ReFill

  Gerry Bassermann

The SongWriter ReFill is a free toolbox, designed to streamline the process of creating music by offering genre-based Reason songs, completely setup with a rack full of devices and sounds. It's designed specifically for composers and song writers to get arrangements down quickly by tracking ideas with highly usable default sounds, and then potentially editing or replacing those sounds later during mixdown.

The supplied sound bank is a subset of the Reason Factory Sound Bank, so that variations of these default sounds can be quickly loaded from a smaller, part-based patch selection without stopping creative flow. The SongWriter ReFill presents seven genres: Acoustic, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, RnB and Rock in the form of Reason Songs with seven tracks each: Drums, Percussion, Bass, Keyboard, and Parts 1, 2, 3.


  Robert Todd

Experimental. Uses free running RPG-8 as control. Analogue and industrial sounds for Combinator.



This is not your typical MPC 60 Refill. These drum sounds are from Kikbak's customized MPC 60ii, which boasts a +4dbv output boost on all outputs. This modification makes the MPC 60ii louder and punchier than a stock MPC 60, which outputs at -10dbu.

At the heart of this refill are 59 drum sounds, 8 Redrums, and 7 Combinators. A collection of quality drum sounds that pack some serious punch and smack.

The Moog Foundation ReFill

  Propellerhead Software

Industry pro's (and Reason experts), Craig Anderton, Mark Vail and Gordon Reid donated their best Moog-style patches, built using Reason's Thor synthesizer. The intent is to shed some light onto the world of music synthesis that Bob Moog pioneered. Those patches have been assembled into a single Reason ReFill and are available to registered Reason version 4 owners.

Read more and download the ReFill
The Moog Foundation

Transmigrated Atmosphere

  Carl Bloomfield

A collection of unusual patches for moody ambience as well as a few patches designed more for traditional electronic music.

Through Hell to Heaven

  Michael L Penman

A unique collection of twelve Thor and Combinator based textures and pads, courtesy of Michael L Penman. If you want subtle ambience brought to your music this refill is perfect for you.



50 innovative Thor patches of lush electronica sounds. Includes chunky analogue basses, vintage leads, sublime pads, crisp percussion sets and other-worldly sound effects. The patches are full of intricate modulations and stacked oscillator layering for some full and complex tones.

Stomppfill Thor

  Stompp ReFills

40 Thor patches from Stompp, covering ambient sounds, basses, pads and sequence synths.

Perfect Fifths

  Nucleus SoundLab

Perfect Fifths consists of powerchords played by classic Les Paul guitar through a Marshall JCM800 amp. This classic rock combination was recorded both sustained and muted. No loops were used and the sustained samples are typically 20+ seconds long. Multiple downstroke samples are included to allow for fast, natural-sounding playback in all genre-types. Add some Metal to Reason with Perfect Fifths!

Download and more info

Reason Station Combinator ReFill

  atw, Buddha, DJ Jeph, djrider, Narkissos, Nemi, noseflute, r2101,

Made by the Reason Station community, this free ReFill contains 147 combinator patches and can be used with Reason 3.04 and later.

Lizard's Thor-OB ReFill


Lizard's Thor-OB reFill is a collection of Thor patches that emulate the warm and classic tones from the Oberheim analog synths. This refill contains one demo and 54 Thor patches with almost half of them familiar sounds from the artist who used them. Let the emulation begin!

Reason France Refill Vol. 1

  Reason France Community

A free Refill collection from the Reason France French-speaking people community website. Contains audio FX combinator processing patches, bass patches, drums & percussion patches, instrument sampling patches, leads, pads, sound design patches, poly synth patches, goa kicks samples, voices samples, REX and .rns files, wallpapers and combi backdrops for your Reason Rack!

Skins by: willbe

Blue Chip


This unusual collection of Combinator patches are characterized by modulation and back-rack patching madness. You will find glitch sound generators that spit sound without even pressing play, rhythmic blip machines, circuit bending type machines, the grain-cloud sampler and even a timestretching sampler! Also featured are modulated effects that add movement and edge to any sound put through them. All patches are highly tweakable, which makes this whole collection suitable for Reason users looking for tools to manipulate and create unheard sounds in their racks. The skins are also made to fit the experience.


  PinkNoise Studio

In a joint collaboration with Propellerhead Software, PinkNoise Studio now offers the much acclaimed PRO.TON ReFill, in a new and exciting version. Previously a commercial ReFill, PRO.TON is now free to all registered Reason users. PRO.TON works as an analogue multi-osc synthesizer, it uses short waveforms to produce the sounds. With these waveforms you can create sounds with long and complex envelopes wich go far beyond true analogue synths. PRO.TON gives you a wide range of analog sounds and a unique combination of power and flexibility extensively using the specific features of the NN-XT advanced sampler. To let PRO.TON users take advantage of Reason's Combinator device, PinkNoise Studio's Andras Haasz and Propellerhead product specialist James Bernard have joined forces to conjure an add-on ReFill to PRO.TON, crammed with rich-sounding useful Combinator patches, including a folder of song starters.

Waldorf Salad

  PinkNoise Studio - Reasonbanks

Cold, warm, sweet and sour at the same time! Enjoy this new free refill from reasonbanks. Waldorf Salad is based on Waldorf Q and Microwave synths. Contents: 15 NN-19 patches, 24 NN-XT instruments, 12 Combinator machines, 170 MB multisamples. Don't forget: SERVE UP COLD!:-)

RB-303 Refill


The RB-303 Refill is a set of Combinator patches with samples recorded from ReBirth RB-338 though a Vacuum-Tube compressor. There are multiple variations of the standard monosynth patches - Some feature velocity scaling, while the "Dynamic" set feature accent switching. A set of rhythmic effect and polyphonic Combinators are also included in this package. The demo songs require The ReBirth RB-338 Refill.

Skins by: Hami

XSynth FX

  Michael Kastrup

XFX is 600+ (59 MB) sampled raw sounds from the Subtractor. Sounds are sorted into categories for easy navigation. Comes with NN19 and Combinator patches for each category. Includes a Machine Creator, a FX Generator, a Gate Emulator and 3 .rns demos.

XSynth FX (58 Mb)
More info

Cryogenic Key

  One Way Ticket.

Electronic or Acoustic - Why no together? This collection of 50 patches for the Combinator, gather the wonderful sounds of the Reason Pianos librarys and ElectroMechanical Refill. For owners of Reason Pianos who also have the ElectroMechanical ReFill


  Stompp ReFills

The StomppAdFill features 37 new Combinator patches (17 from guest contributor Adam Fielding) and 28 new Stompp Malstrom patches - various synths from Adam with lush pads and drum machines from Stompp!

XSynth Free - Vol. 1

  Michael Kastrup

XSynth Free is a 8 MB Refill which contains 3 RNS songs examples and 134 Combinator Patches based on Subtractor and Malstrom. Patches are organized into 18 categories. Patches includes Gate Synths, Organs, Bass, Pads, Arps, Leads etc. Make sure to fully explore each patch, many have several sonic possibilities.

Stomppfill Five


Stomppfill Five holds 20 new combinator patches, from smooth leads to lush pads and twisted textures.

Drone Structures ReFill

  Nucleus SoundLab

Drone Structures Refill is a massive collection of pads and textures originally developed by Intelligent Machinery. Drone Structures Refill is perfect for ambient, soundtrack, or breakbeat work. You get a huge variety of long, seemlessly-looped ambient waveforms. Containing 150 pads and 60 textures, this ReFill is 300 mb compressed!

Stompp - Ambient Texture

  Stompp ReFills

'Stompp - Ambient Textures' contains 13 carefully crafted combinator patches to add atmosphere and depth to your music, as well as 33 RV7000 reverb patches that cover everything from useful delays to vast spaces and experimental resonances.

Johnny's Toolbox

  Jon Fields

25 sets of complete drum and bass midi files in a variety of genres(Pop/Rock,Blues,Lounge,Jazz) suited for use with RDK. Also includes two Jazz RNS files. Chop, edit, Rex, and loop any way you like for maximum fun.

Synth Textures 3

  Stompp ReFills

Synth Textures 3 holds 20 new lush and detailed Combinator patches based entirely around Reason's synths.



The BJORNBERG EXPERiENCE is a sample-based combinator Refill. The DEMO release contains 2 different sounds and 2 variations of them, but you can load whatever NN-XT-patch into this machine and use the filters, effects, gate and arp to make your own unique sounds.

50 Processed Ethnic Percussions

  Doru Malaia

50 one-shot wav samples. All samples were recorded at 96000 hz/24 bits, processed and then dithered down to 44100 hz/16 bits. They are original and produced by Doru Malaia himself. All samples are royalty-free.



This 28MB pack gives you a little taste of the legendary 'virus sound' - the refill is based on 50 MB multisamples from the famous Indigo 2 (virus C) synthesier. It contains 12 patches for NN-XT sampler, 12 rhythmic loops for Dr.Rex.

Peff 029 - Vintage RDK Combi


Vintage RDK is a set of combinator patches created for the Reason Drum Kits v2.0 sample library. The kits transform the original samples by using equalization and compression routings as well as dynamics based pitch and timbre modulation. In order to use these combis and associated song files, you must have RDK 2.0 With the kind permission of Propellerhead Software, a set of over forty REX Drum Loops produced with the VRDK Combi patches are included in the ReFill. By reverse engineering rhythm patterns, these drum loops are inspired by certain classic breaks and rendered using different drum set configurations. Reason 3.0 Users can audition and use these ReCycle Files in the Dr.REX Loop player without RDK 2.0.

Vintage RDK Combi: (33.5mb)
More info
Skins and Graphic Design

Sonic Reality TasteFill for Reason

  Propellerhead Software

The Sonic Reality TasteFill for Reason is only available to (and only needed by) Reason Adapted users who have used the Sonic Reality TasteFill for Reason Adapted prior to upgrading to the full version of Reason. This ReFill allows you to open your Reason Adapted songs with TasteFill sounds in them, in Reason.

Textural Guitars Vol 3

  Nine Volt Audio

These 25 highly effected guitar loops were constructed to offer a variety of tones that are comfortable being prominently featured in any song, or subtlety mixed in for added flavor.

Lizard's FSB-01


This refill contains 32 combinator patches designed in the spirit of the common workstation. Several patches are designed to stand on their own as "all in one" evironments hosting drums/percussion, basslines, leads and multi-layered pads.

Lizard's FSB-01 (6.7 mb)
More ReFills by Lizard (and others)

K1 Roland MC-202


kAUSTiK says: "Sampled from my Roland MC-202: A collection of NN-19, NN-XT, ReDrum, Rex, and a few Combi patches. From the weird to the ordered and smooth... I spent far too long editing Sustain loops in 32 note patches, so if you find a glitch...!"

Synth Textures 2

  Stompp ReFills

Synth Textures 2 holds 20 new combinator patches programmed with atmosphere and detail in mind, from soaring leads to thick pads and rhythmical textures.

AudioWarrior Free Djembe


This studio-quality 24-bit NN-XT instrument lets you play your keyboard like a hand drum.

Soundline ReFill

  Easy Music

This refill is a collection of unusual and powerful sounds with dark industrial character. The included Combinator Patch let's you play with the sounds and shows their potential.

Synth Textures

  Stompp ReFills

Synth Textures is a collection of 20 atmospheric and rhythmic Combinator patches created with Malstroms and Subtractors as generators.

One Way Ticket Refill: Vol. 1

  One Way Ticket

This Refill collection contains. Dr. Rex Real bass loops, Dr Rex Synth loops, RV700, Malstrom, Scream 4 and Subtractor patches.

Analogue Monsters project

  Reasonbanks team

Analogue Monsters volume 9 is here! The SE-1X is a pure analog, monophonic synth-module from the USA designed to re-create that classic Moog sound perfectly for Hip Hop, R&B and Dance music. SE-1X is used by Fatboy Slim, Frontline Assembly, Dr. Dre, and Astral Projection.

The Analog Monsters project is a ReFill series from PinkNoise Studio containing instruments (in NN19 & NNXT formats) from famous analog and virtualanalog synthesizers. The project consists of ten refills of which the first nine volumes will be available as free downloads.

Previous volumes:
Vol.1 - Waldorf Microwave XT Vol.5 - Korg MS-20
Vol.2 - KORG Poly800 MKII Vol.6 - Moog Prodigy
Vol.3 - Jupiter 4 Vol.7 - The KORG Mono/Poly
Vol.4 - Juno-60 Vol.8 - Andromeda A6

Back Bone Beatz - Volume 1

  Doctor Filter

Got good melody, great chords, but no PUNCH?! Then plug these 17 high quality drum beatz into your Dr. Rex Device for maximum STOMP!



The new free Reasonfreaks ReFill RF-01 is a ReFill based on the very popular concept of using basic waveforms as the building blocks for new sounds in the NN-XT. Included are 250 patches to get you started. Reasonfreaks will host cool user ReFill's containing patches made with RF-01.

MegaSubPerc ReFill


This new Refill of analogue percussion samples was made using only the Reason Subtractor synth. The diversity of drum sounds provided goes a long way in showing off what a powerful drum sound generator the Subtractor really is. Each sound was originally programmed as a Subtractor patch before being sampled at 16-bit resolution for ease of use inside the Redrum. This Refill includes 179 samples, the original 159 Subtractor patches, plus 11 Redrum kits and 12 demo song-files.

Insane Sitar

  Insane Guitar Tools

The Insane Sitar refill will give you hours of psychedelic fun and Indian vibes, its just 1.5 mbs but it's potential is huge, just use your midi keyboards pitch-wheel to add that authentic sitar twang. The refill contains 30 NNXT patches 50 States ReFill

  Ginno Legaspi aka

50 States ReFill is a unique concept library featuring patches named after the 50 US States. This library features a rich palette of sounds suitable for any genre. From shimmering pads to soaring leads, the exotic and imaginative sounds comprising this ReFill will surely provide spark to your next track. This ReFill consist of 30 nnXT patches, 13 Subtractor patches and 17 Malstrom patches. Add this to your collection and welcome to the States!

Louki's Malstrom 25 FX


This ReFill includes 25 Malstrom effects patches, with self-descriptive names, ranging from Walking in the Snow to Bag of Hammers.

Textural Guitars Vol. 1

  Nine Volt Audio

Textural Guitars Vol 1 contains 17 original rx2 loops. These loops have been edited and processed to give your track the elements of a guitar, but in a modern and non-traditional way. This ReFill offers a variety of tones that are comfortable being prominently featured in any song, or subtlety mixed in for added flavor.

Sonic Elements Vol I

  Yves Meynard, aka XLRD

From Hydrogen To Germanium... Instrument patches and original samples ranging from nasal pads to gothic ambiances. 29 Subtractor patches, 16 Malstrom patches, 12 NN-XT patches, a few processed & found percussion sounds, plus the "ElectroCithar" instrument.

Gumbi Ortiz conga REX ReFill

  Gumbi Ortiz

Gumbi Ortiz, longtime Al Di Meola percussionist, has made some killer conga REX-loops to kick your music up a couple of notches!

50 FX Percussion - part2

  Doru Malaia

To celebrate his 44th birthday, Romanian man of music Doru Malaia shares his 50 FX Percussion - part2 with all of you. The name says it all; 50 percussion effects - completely free for you to use.

Candyland Refill Vol. 1, Kenth Hagström

Candyland is based on 24-bit samples. Inside the refill you will find 50 NNXT-patches, basses, effects, leads, pads and more, all with an electronic feel to it. It is candy for your ears!

Matt's 8 Layer Suitcase Rhodes Refill

  Matt Peacock

This Refill contains 2 x eight-layer velocity-sensitive Fender Rhodes electric piano patches for the NN-XT, one clean and one with tremelo. Samples were rendered from the excellent modelled Rhodes VSTi, Lounge Lizard EP-2.



The NOTONE #1 "DrumOmania" refill contains over 300 drum samples and 18 drumkits from NOTONES personal library. Most of the sampels have been programmed on analog/VA synths. The ReFill has been organized with sorted samples and balanced Kits.


  Doru Malaia

Says Doru: Contains 51 new original effects (FX) wav samples. A beautiful strange world for your soundtracks or songs! Enjoy my friends!

Commodore c64 Drumstation

  Disasterpeace Recordings

The MOS6581 sound chip of the classic Commodore c64 home computer produced 8-bit sounds for games and electronic music back in the early/mid 80's. We have programmed 8-bit sounds using a MOS6581 chip and converted them into 16-bit sounds; making a refill with over 200+ drums (stereo & mono), 14 drum kits, and over 30 rex loops ranging from 85bpm to 168bpm.

1001 Malström Refill


This sequel to "1001 Subtractor Patches Refill" was made by Dave of Reasonfreaks and various contributors and once again, the name pretty much says it all.

Wonderful Pads 3

  Doru Malaia

10 pads (10 smp + 10 samples + 1 demo-rns). Includes 10 NN-19 patches 10 wave samples (all in 16 bit stereo and 44,1 khz lengh about 20 till 26 sec.) and one demo song (.rns).

Wonderful Pads 2

  Doru Malaia

10 pads ( 10 smp + 10 samples + 1 demo-rns)

Wonderful Pads 1

  Doru Malaia

10 pads (10 smp + 10 samples + 1 demo-rns). Includes 10 NN-19 patches 10 wave samples (all in 16 bit stereo and 44,1 khz lengh about 20 till 26 sec.) and one demo song (.rns).



A refill made by The Zimulator, RePacked by Raapie, containing Epson SP 750 Percussion, Jen Allegro A-125_6 Drums and Zimulator Dial-up Percussion for Redrum, Zimulator Jen Pedal Bass for NN19 and The Zimulator, II, 3 & 4 for Subtractor plus a few demosongs.

Zimulator (3.99 mb)
More info

Old Records 1


We all think that old records have a vibe. The magic trick is tube overdrive, noise and rumble. In this ReFill, Raapie tries to emulate that vibe by using a Vox guitar amp, a speaker simulator, JoeMeek compressor and a couple of boutique plugins.

1001 Subtractor Patches Refill


The name says it all, 1001 Subtractor Patches, made by various contributors and assembled by the ReasonFreaks team

Instr-U-Mental Refill

  PinkNoise Studio

This refill contains the following instruments: Accordion Master, Accordion Single, Acoustic Bass, Arco String, claydrum, Concert Piano Stereo, FretlessBass, FunkyBass, GiantString, HarmonicBass, Octav-String, Rave Piano, U220-ElPiano. 30 NN19 presets + 2 redrum kits.

Microwave Refill Pack I-II

  PinkNoise Studio

This refill contains 50 NN19 instruments and 5 DrRex loops - from the famous Waldorf Microwave XT synth.

Budapest UrbanFX Collection

  PinkNoise Studio

Have you ever been to Budapest? You haven't? Don’t bother! :) PinkNoise has collected a lot of samples, that you really need to compose a noisy urban atmosphere in your music. Cars, buses, trams, public announcements, railway stations, atmospheric loops: a collection for NN19 and Dr.Rex in one big refill.

Reason Fan - Classic 1

  Reason Fan

This refill is composed by 18 Mb of samples including a grand piano, strings, acoustic guitar and bass guitar. You'll find 11 programs for the sampler NN19 and a demo song using the programs.

Reason Fan - Ambient Pads

  Reason Fan

This refill contains several ambient pads (no multisamples) like warm pads or drones, in the NN19 programs format.

Reason Fan - ABCD Synths 1

  Reason Fan

This refill is a bank of songs, but not ordinary songs: It's in fact 70 song which is equal to 70 "multi synths", each composed with 4 tone generator (subtractor). Let Reason become your favorite synth expander !

Reason Fan - Digital Love

  Reason Fan

This refill is composed with 70 patches for the NN19 sampler of my own samples. Here you can find many synthetic sounds, like leads or pads. The refill include a demo song using only several sounds of it.

Peff 003 - 303 square bass


This ReFill contains a multisampled 303 - Peff's own 303 that is. It's one sample per note and the result is very convincing. Use it with a Matrix sequencer and you've got yourself a nice little 303 in the Reason rack. The refill has several sampler patches with different settings for a number of 303 type sounds.

Peff 001 - Subtractor patches


A ReFill with 101 subtractor patches from Peff. Most of of the patches are on the rougher side of what the subtractor can do and will not fit in easily in your latest power ballad. Lots of weird noises and mean basses.

Zuwonga Patch Bonanza

  Niels Larsen, Jesper Siberg, Peter Jubel

Zuwonga Patch Bonanza contains 64 SubTractor patches, 22 NN19 patches and 5 song templates. All sounds are based on pure synthesis and even the samples used for the NN19 patches are created entirely within Reason. Check out the stereo effect in 'A touch of stereo' and the cheesy metal mayhem in Pelle's Heavy Metal.

How to download & use ReFills

All ReFills are saved as zip archives. Windows users can use a zip utility such as Winzip to extract the file. Mac users can use Stuffit.

After download

When you have downloaded the file. Extract the ReFill file from the downloaded zip file and put it in your ReFills folder. For quick access to your ReFills, add them to the Locations list in Reason's patch browser.

Reason Essentials Users

Please note, these ReFills are primarily made for the full version of Reason. This means that some devices that are not available in Reason Essentials might be represented in a ReFill. As a Reason Essentials users, you can open all patches compatible with the devices in Reason Essentials (Subtractor, Redrum etc.) but any other content will not be available. If you download a demo for a third party ReFill, please check with the creator of the ReFill whether it's fully compatible with Reason Essentials before purchasing.