ReWire 1.7

The ReWire 1.7 update brings dramatically improved sample loading times and compatibility with Intel Macs. If you use a PC, this update is for you. If you use a mac, you only need this update if you are not using Reason. For instance, if you use ReWire to hook up Ableton Live and Logic on an Intel Mac you should download this update.

Note: If you are using Reason 3.0.5, Reason version 4 or later, you do not need this update at all.


About ReWire

ReWire is a system for transferring audio data between two computer applications, in real time. Basically, you could view ReWire as an "invisible cable" that streams audio from one computer program into another.

You don't need to install ReWire. It's a part of your ReWire capable music software. For help with using ReWire with your software, please check out our ReWire tutorials.