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Educational licenses of Reason and ReCycle are available through many of the same places our retail versions are sold around the world. To help ensure you get the correct combination of licenses for your school and the right version of new or upgrade packages, our local distributor in your area will best be able to help you. Think of it like a concierge service for educators!

Simply use the menu on the right to select your country and you'll see the contact details for your region's local distributor. Thanks and we hope you and your students enjoy Reason!

More about Reason

Want to learn more about Reason? Head over to our product pages to see an in-depth primer on the Reason production environment, and each device in our studio rack.

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Licensing Across the Network

Learn more about the educational ignition key, the USB device which handles licensing across your entire network. One key plugged into one computer will handle every license for every student.

Ignition Key Read more

Which Version to Get

If you're already teaching with Reason in your classroom or if you want to add it to your course, we've got you covered. Explore what you'll need to get in our new product and upgrade matrix.

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