UX Designer for Propellerhead's mobile apps

Are you passionate about designing cutting edge mobile apps, bringing exceptional music creation technology to the mobile platform? Then Propellerhead has the perfect job for you!

We are about to create and bring a new mobile offer to the market, based on Reason - our groundbreaking music application for PCs.

As our user experience designer for mobile apps you will be responsible for all UX design in the mobile team. You will conduct user studies, analyze data, prototyping and creating wire frames. You will be the user experience expert, designing functionality and user interaction, setting the standard for the company’s upcoming mobile designs.

Your experience from driving UX as concept and enabling strategy through design will be a strong contribution to our company. We believe that your history in designing mobile apps, your extensive experience in methodology and your knowledge in how to create product-identity is crucial for our new team.

We would love to hear more about your interest in music, your communicational skills, your creativity and your drive to make things happen.

Join this opportunity to design cutting edge music apps!

You are welcome to mail your application to humanresources@propellerheads.se.
For more information contact Torgny Södrin +46 70 467 25 18.

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Propellerhead Software

We’re driven by a dream—of a world where anyone and everyone can make music.

Our mission is to help bring musical visions to life. Our flagship music production studio Reason has sparked countless hits and is used by millions of people over the world. But, now we want to reimagine the music industry – and we need your help!

How we work

We are passionate about music. The office is often buzzing with discussions about beats, tunes and music making. Ever so often you will see somebody cranking out tunes in our own music studio.

Our passion for music also means we have close relationship with our end-users and regularly interact with musicians and producers world-wide. We want to make it easier for them to make great music.

We are respected in the industry, but still a small, yet independent team. This means that you instantly become an important part in our mission to reimagine the music industry.

Being part of our team also means getting a chance to work with advanced technical architecture, state of the art digital signal processing and the latest in digital marketing.

We know what sparks innovation, and therefore we have many means of letting our employees explore new routes, work on a solution they are excited about – or simply spend time on that dream project.

If you’re passionate about music and restless for new ideas, we’re ready to take you where you want to go—and beyond.

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