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Reason has just the sound you’re looking for. With a rich palette of software synthesizers and effects, Reason gives you the freedom to create the music you want, the way you’ve always wanted—without limits.

Inspire new music with Reason’s software synths and instruments. Try all of Reason for 30 days: unlimited trial, free of charge.

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What exactly is Reason? It’s everything you need to create amazing music.

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  • Watch how to create with your favorite hardware and software synths.

  • Learn sound design in Reason – create the Reese bass sound.

  • Check out the inspiring synths and instruments in the Reason rack.

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  • Watch how to bring punchy drums to every track.

  • Find out how to recreate the synth sound of Clean Bandit’s 'Rather Be.'

Reason 9.5 is here – VST in Reason.

Xfer Records, FXpansion, GForce, Heavyocity, kiloHearts, Izotope and Korg plugins displayed in Reason 9.5 screenshot images are each sold separately.

Reason 9.5 - VST in Reason

Delivering on our #1 feature request, Reason now supports VST plugins. The creative flow you know and love, coupled with any plugin you want. This is music-making unlimited.

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