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Explore entirely new ways of getting inspired and creating music with Reason 9 sequencers. Whether you’re looking for unique control over your favorite drum software synth or want to coax new sounds out of your favorite hardware, Reason helps you take sequencing to a new level.

Let loose your creativity with an array of sequencers in Reason. Try all of Reason for 30 days: unlimited trial, free of charge.

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About Reason 9 music sequencer software


  • Edit your loops fast and easy with Reason 9

  • See how to step sequence your patterns with Redrum and Kong

  • See how Reason works with your hardware MIDI synths.

  • Learn drum machine 101 with the iconic Reason Redrum drum sequencer.

Reason 9.5 is here – VST in Reason.

Xfer Records, FXpansion, GForce, Heavyocity, kiloHearts, Izotope and Korg plugins displayed in Reason 9.5 screenshot images are each sold separately.

Reason 9.5 - VST in Reason

Delivering on our #1 feature request, Reason now supports VST plugins. The creative flow you know and love, coupled with any plugin you want. This is music-making unlimited.

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