Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Will you give my user information away to other companies?

No! The information that you give us stays here and we will not share anything with any third parties.

What are the benefits of being a registered user?

Apart from reading this nice FAQ, you also get some other goodies:

  • Registered users will be informed about product updates, new products, new site features, events etc by mail (if they want to).
  • Registered users can receive technical support.
I can't log in from my computer. Each time I try I get kicked out again. Why?

It sounds like you have set your browser to not accept cookies. The site needs cookies to work and you will not be grated access if your browser does not accept cookies. Please allow your browser to accept cookies and try again.

Why do you use cookies? I don't like it when other people leave stuff on my hard drive.

Unless you check the option to stay logged in until actively logging out, the cookies we use expire every time you close your browser. We do not leave any information on your hard drive or perform creepy privacy invasion schemes.

I am worried about spyware. Can your cookies be used to gather information for other sites?

No! Our Cookies are used for our login system only, and are not part of any such scheme.

Product registration

When I try to register, I get a reply saying the serial number is not valid. Why?

Please refer to our Product Registration FAQs if you're having problem registering your product.

If nothing else works — our apologies! Please contact Customer Care for assistance.

When I try to register, I get a reply saying my serial number is already in use. Why is that?
  1. Have you already registered this licence number yourself? Perhaps to this account, or to a different account?
  2. Have you bought your software second-hand? In that case you'll need to ask the previous owner to transfer the registration to your account for you. See for details.
I have upgraded to a new version. How do I register the new version?

If you've bought your upgrade from us in the Online Shop, then we've registered your new licence number to your account for you, so you don't need to register it yourself. If you bought your upgrade from a local or online retailer, then you'll need to register your new licence number to your account. You can do this here.

Propellerhead music pages

General terminology

Below are brief descriptions of some of the terminology used throughout the various music pages on Propellerhead.

Drop to Propellerhead

The function for exporting and uploading music to your account on the Propellerhead web site. In Take and Figure this function is called “Share”.

Music Piece

A song/loop that has been dropped – or shared – to Propellerhead.

Music Player page

A separate web page for a single Music Piece.


A listed Music Piece is open for promotion in Propellerhead public feeds. It will also be referenced when someone bases new music on it and shares/drops it to Propellerhead. 

An unlisted Music Piece is only visible on its unique Music Player webpage. Unlisted music is not visible – or referred to – on the Discover page.


A collection of Music Pieces, curated or filtered into lists on the Discover page. (see The Discover page).

The Discover page

What is Discover?

Discover is a web page with lots of music to use in your own projects or just for inspiration. Almost everything on Discover is made by other users and is ready for instant use in Figure, Take, Reason and Reason Essentials.

The Discover page is completely public – you don’t have to be logged in to access it.

How do I use the music on the Discover page in my own work?

Click the arrow (>) to the right of a Music Piece to open the desired Music Piece in its own separate Music Player web page.

On the Music Player web pages you can download Music Pieces and open them in the compatible Propellerhead music creation applications (see The Music Player pages section below). You can then edit, remix or add your own content to a Music Piece, and then drop your own new version to Propellerhead.

Can I submit my own Music Pieces to the Discover page?

Not directly, but you can make it available for the Discover page.

When you use the “Drop to Propellerhead” or “Share” functions in any of the Propellerhead music creation applications, you can choose whether your Music Piece should be “Listed” or “Unlisted”. By making your Music Piece “Listed”, it automatically becomes visible and available for other users to listen to – and to download and edit.

The Music Pieces published in the feeds on the Discover page have been manually selected from all of the listed Music Pieces on the Propellerhead web site. So, if your Music Pieces are listed they might end up in the feeds on the Discover page!

How can I search for other people’s Music Pieces on the Discover page?

There is no search function at the moment, but there will be. Meanwhile, you can listen to and download Music Pieces from the curated feeds on the Discover page.

The Music Player pages

What are the Music Player pages?

A Music Player page is a separate web page for a single Music Piece. Every song or loop you have dropped or shared to Propellerhead automatically ends up on a separate Music Player page, with its own unique URL (web address).

On a Music Player page you can preview the Music Piece: Click the Play button to start playback and the Pause button to temporarily stop the playback. Drag the playback handle sideways to get to another position in the Music Piece. The remaining time is indicated, in minutes and seconds, to the right.

The image to the left above the player indicates which application was used for creating the Music Piece.

The text to the right of the application image informs which program/app was used for creating the Music Piece. It also informs if the Music Piece was based on another Music Piece, i.e. if the creator has used an existing Music Piece as base for his/her Music Piece (see “based on” below).

About “based on”

Let’s say you find a great beat on the Discover page, open its Music Player page and open the beat in Take, add your own vocals and then drop (Share) the result back to Propellerhead. Then, your new Music Piece will be shown as based on the original beat. This beat in turn may be based on one or several other Music Pieces, and so on. Exploring the ancestry of Music Pieces on Propellerhead lets you find inspirational music and interesting music makers.

What are the buttons at the bottom of the Music Piece pages?

At the bottom of the Music Player pages are a number of buttons. The button configuration can vary, depending on what applications can be used for opening the specific Music Piece.

The Share button to the left is always present on the Music Player pages. Click this to bring up a dialog where you can choose how you want to share the link to the Music Player web page.

Click one of the “Open in…” buttons to automatically open the corresponding program/app on your computer/device and then automatically open the Music Piece in that program/app.

Note that the program/app has to be installed on the computer/device from which you click the button – otherwise the Music Piece cannot be opened. If you don’t have the required program or app on your computer/device, you can download it by clicking the rightmost button on the Music Player pages.

If you click “Open in Figure” or “Open in Take” on a computer – or tap “Open in Reason” on an iOS device – a dialog informs you that it is not possible, due to platform incompatibility.

The Music page

What is the Music page?

The Music page is your personal “music page” on your Propellerhead account. Here is where all songs (Music Pieces) that you have previously dropped/shared from a Propellerhead program/app can be found.

What can I do on the Music page?

The left section of the Music page (or the main section if you are on a mobile device) lists all your dropped/shared Music Pieces.

Click the circular Play button for the Music Piece you want to preview. Click the Stop button to stop playback.

Click the Music Piece name (or anywhere on the row) to bring up the Music Piece details. If you are on a mobile device, this opens a new web page.

The Music Piece details section is arranged as follows:

At the top is the Music Piece name.

The Public Link is the html link to the Music Piece’s own unique Music Player web page. Click this link to open the Music Player web page.

The Made With row shows which program/app the Music Piece was created/edited in.

The Open In row shows what application(s) can open that specific Music Piece. Click/tap to open the Music Piece in the corresponding app.

Note that the program/app has to be installed on the computer/device from which you click/tap – otherwise the Music Piece cannot be opened. Also, if you click “Figure” or “Take” on a computer – or tap “Reason” on an iOS device – nothing will happen, due to platform incompatibility.

The Visibility row shows whether your Music Piece is “Listed” or “Unlisted”. “Listed” means that your Music Piece is visible and might appear in feeds on the public Discover page. “Unlisted” means that your Music Piece is only visible and available to those who have the unique Music Player web address. The Music Player address (Public Link) is automatically generated as soon as you drop/share a song from a Propellerhead program/app. If you don’t know the exact Public Link address, it is virtually impossible to guess it. This means your “Unlisted” Music Pieces are virtually impossible for others to find.

Click the Visibility switch to change between “Unlisted” and “Listed”.

Play Count indicates the number of times your Music Piece has been played back (by anyone).

The Upload Date shows when your Music Piece was shared/dropped to Propellerhead.

Click Delete to permanently delete the Music Piece. A dialog asks you to confirm or abort the deletion.

Can the Music page be seen by others?

No, this page is personal and can only be accessed by you, when you are logged in on Propellerhead. If you want other people to listen to your Music Pieces, share the individual html links (Public Links) to each of your Music Player pages.

How do I exit the Music page?

To exit the Music page and get to your Propellerhead account page, click the menu symbol to the top right of the page and select “Edit account”. To exit the Music page and log out from your Propellerhead account, click the menu symbol to the top right of the page and select “Log out”.