Got 3 minutes and want to make some music? Figure is the fun music-making app for instant inspiration.

Make music

Create music in no time with Figure’s dead-easy touch interface. Add drums, bass and leads with no wrong notes and perfect timing.

Get inspired

Figure comes with a set of great sounds to select and tweak to your liking. For further inspiration, browse Discover for Figure tracks to remix and develop on your own.

Share music

Share with your friends or with the world. Share privately or publicly to let others get inspired by your music and take your ideas further.

How does it work?

1. Write melodies by swiping your finger across Figure. You can’t play any wrong notes or play out of time. Change the sound, the rhythm and the character of your tune to your liking.

2. Add drums and bass the same way: slide a finger across the screen and instantly create a groove and a crowd-pleasing bassline.

3. Drop it to Propellerhead and let others hear and remix your work. Find others’ music in Discover–to be inspired or to create your own versions of their songs.


Hear what others are creating with Figure in Discover.

Check out Discover

Figure details

That’s all you really need to know to get going with Figure but if you want to know the nitty gritty, here are some more technical specs.


It’s the pumping sound that makes people in clubs jump to the beat and in Figure you simply dial it into your mix. Do you want more or less? You decide. Hint: Always MORE!

Music Theory Galore

If you want to customize the key, tempo, and tonality of the scale in Figure, it’s all there to customize. If you’d prefer to ignore all that and make some music as is, that’s cool by us too.

Citizen Figure

Use Figure together with other iOS music using these technologies: AudioCopy & AudioPaste 2.0 by Retronyms to allow copy and paste of audio between apps. Audiobus (sold separately) by A Tasty Pixel handles real time audio streams between supported apps.

“It's a challenge to make this App sound bad”