Forums rules and FAQ

We believe in an open and free Forum, so the rules below should be fairly obvious to everybody. Still, it's good that everybody know about them.

The #1 immutable, golden rule: Stay cool!

This should be the most obvious rule here, but people tend to forget to remain cool when posting under the relative anonymity the forums provide. This is a forum about music technology and music creation. There are no topics in here that warrants bad attitude or flame wars. If someone else is misbehaving, remember the #1 immutable, golden rule.

Rule #2: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it!

If you find a question or topic that you don't want to answer, just leave it alone. There is absolutely no need to point out that you don't like the question.

Rule #3: Please search before you post!

There are a few questions that people keep asking over and over in the forums. To avoid upsetting people by having them answer the same question for the umpteenth time, please take a moment to scan the most recent threads. If you don't find your question here, you may still want to search through the previous posts for your question (there is a search function to aid you in this).


Can I post anything?
Basically yes. This doesn't mean that anything goes. Try to think of the people who are about to read what you post. Will they be interested? Try to stay loosely focused on music or music technology and you'll probably be well received (again, we kindly ask you to conduct your debates about religion and politics elewhere). Here is the list of things to avoid at all costs (that can get you banned forever):

  • Requests for software cracks (duh!).
  • Requests for help with cracked software.
  • Porn
  • Spam
  • Abusive comments (flaming)
  • Nonsense floods
  • Posts not written in English
  • Posts in all caps

Also, please note that there is a separate forums for separate topics. Please post in the correct forum and please don't cross post.

How do I include an image in my post?
On the post message page, there is a button labeled 'Attach Files'. You can use it to attach images to your post.

How do I get one of those fancy profile pictures to show up with my post?
These are called Avatars and can be added on the Forum Settings page. Your image can be 128x128 pixels.

I have posted a message addressed directly to Propellerhead Software but I'm not getting a response. Why?
The forums exist primarily for users of our products to talk to each other. It is not a telegraph wire to us. Propellerhead Software is more popular than big; There's only a handful of people working here, and most of us are working in software development, writing the code for our products. If we spent all our time talking, there wouldn't be any products - and more products is what you want, right? Please respect this request.