The forums are closed

Thanks for stopping by! The Propellerhead public forums are now closed, but there are plenty of channels where you can talk to Propellerhead or other users:

  • Propellerhead on Facebook, Twitter & Google+ are the go-to places for the latest. We post anything from stuff we find online, music, videos to product announcements, sales, competitions or just a friendly “hello”. Twitter literally pops up one of our phones right away so it’s a great way to get a quick answer to short questions. On Facebook, it’s a good idea to click the “Like” button after liking and choose “Get Notifications” so Facebook doesn’t filter away any posts you might want to see.
  • Propellerhead on Instagram includes more behind the scenes stuff and general tomfoolery. What’s happening in the office, how much coffee do we actually drink, and more!
  • Propellerhead on YouTube is where you’ll find all Propellerhead-made videos. Be it tutorials, product announcements or something else – make sure you subscribe!
  • The contact page if you want to get in touch with the marketing department or leave us feedback.
  • Propellerhead support is here for you if you need help with a Propellerhead product or account.
  • The Propellerhead blog is where you’ll find interesting articles, news, interviews and much much more. Visit often!

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