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koshal 2007-10-20 20:11

Why doesn't surface locking work?
I've tried searching for this answer on numerous boards...however cannot pinpoint a n exact reason why this feature doesnt work...

ok so I have 2 midi master is an old casio keyboard running through a m-audio midisport 1x1 (don't works just fine for me) other one is the m-audio oxygen 8v2 running usb.

they work fine...however when I try to surface lock the oxygen to redrum or another device I get no sound.

Someone on another forum said keyboards can't be surface locked...only real control surfaces can....(didn't make much sense to me)

I'm able to do what I want by setting the oxygen to bus A and selecting the appropriate channel in the reason hardware device...however, that makes it so that I can't record on the oxygen anymore...

so how come surface locking isn't working for me? it should be as simple as right clicking on a device and clicking "lock oxygen 8v2" right?.....

does surface locking really not work for midi keyboards?

Am I missing somehting here?

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