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d1g1talhc 2008-05-23 11:41

Reason Hardware!
Have you ever thought of contracting a hardware company (like Novation just as an example) to make your instruments into a stand alone product.

Example: Give them the code for the Subtractor synth and get them to build a hardware replica (note: with all the same dial buttons setup etc) to match it but so you can load about 16 instances (one for each midi channel.)

(yes of course you would also get them to build Maelstrom and Thor as well.)

I would love to see Redrum as a hardware unit. With 10 channels that each have there own output and all the same dials on each channel. Have it load samples via USB in to a selected channel instantly using buttons on the sampler (this would work because on install the driver would create a folder/destination to store the samples on the PC. Have flash memory to store the samples on the sampler (for stand alone use) or even an optional hard-drive.

Yes there are already hardware synths and drum machines but not with the same ease of usability that reason offers. And the reason sound is so impressive that it sounds better than a brand new $2000.00 synth I bought recently.

Don't for get the Multi-effects unit that has 10 ins/outs (that can also be used in a modular set up via internal patching) plugs and is loaded with all of Reason effects.
And it would be able to play up to 6 effects per-channel

The icing on the cake would the midi functionality allowing you to hook up and cross modulate the stand alone instruments in true Reason form.

Keeping each unit as closely a replica of the original Reason product would be the key selling point.

By the way: I have seen this done by other software companies!!

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