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2008-06-07 00:01

MIDI Problems on Reason 4
I know the basics of this program. I got tired of having to use my mouse to make notes on a keyboard.

I have a Casio CTK-593

It's a basic keyboard, but it has MIDI IN and MIDI OUT.
When i was learning Reason 4 i watched a few video tutorials and they all had a keyboard connected to the program through MIDI.
Since i already had the keyboard i thought id buy the MIDI cable.

I looked around and thought "USB to MIDI" sounded good.
So i searched on eBay and bought one for $15.
It came yesterday and so far i've had no luck with it.

I connected the MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN and the MIDI IN to the MIDI OUT (like your supposed to)
Then I plugged the USB into my computer. Lights came on.
My computer recognized it and installed the driver for it.

I open Reason 4 and nothing is showing up in the MIDI section on options.
I downloaded a couple of free MIDI programs and they didn't seem to pick it up either.

I don't think its the cable because when i hit a note or play something on the keyboard the light flashes the exact time as when i hit a key.

Can anyone help me with this problem?

SiKo 2008-06-07 11:14

it would help if you give us the type and brand of the USB-2-Midi cable... And if you've registered your copy, you can also contact the propellerhead support people. HTH

synthuaxed 2008-06-08 12:56

I'm not sure a USB-to-MIDI cable will work, on its own. I had to buy a MIDI interface, one end of which plugs into a USB port on the PC and the other end into a MIDI port on the keyboard. I have an M-Audio MIDISport Uno, which retails for around $35. Works great. If you have more than one keyboard, you'll have to buy something with additional ports though, unless you "chain" your equipment together.

DHWood 2008-06-08 15:50

I have a Roland UM-1 USB-MIDI cable, and it's about as no-frills as USB-MIDI gets. And I can make it work with Reason just fine.

On the Keyboards and Control Surfaces panel of Preferences, you may need to Add the interface you're using. On my Reason setup, I have registered inputs for the M-Audio Oxygen 8 (older model), Korg KONTROL49, and Whatever's on the UM-1. Really. That's what it's called.

What OS are you running? You may have additional facilities to help you test and troubleshoot.

Have you used it successfully with any other music software?

If necessary, questions about baked beans and George Wendt will follow.

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