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2008-07-04 03:37

no usb option on a mac w/reason 3???
Hello once again... I'm running reason 3 on a g4 mac w/os 10.2.4 installed. I have an axiom 25 which I know requires a later os to operate, but i've tried other keyboards such as the oxygen, and an edirol, neither of which work, apparently as a result of reason not allowing me to select usb as an option under the midi input menu. I dont have a midi interface, so usb is my only option. The same version of reason on my pc allows me the option to select usb, but not on my mac that option actually isn't even on the menu it only displays midi ports... Any suggestions??? Sorry if its a little long(pause)

Fr3ShiE 2008-07-04 10:07

The beauty of mac
Plug in your board to the usb port on your mac, turn it on and go into the Reason preferences. Select to set up your board under the Keyboard and Control Surface preference, then if need be, select the appropriate MIDI port from the drop down menu, you should be good to go. Your MIDI interface is automatically routed through the usb port, no need for any more set up...

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