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Theoneipr 2008-07-21 14:15

New Tracks need some advice, no bullshit just strait advice
Got some new tracks One calle Saw" and One called We Will Get There. please could i get some constructive advice as i'm looking to put these ones out there on my EP. Please again could your peeps offer some constructive advice. Check out the new tracks on my profile. new to this whole reason forum thingy so don't know how to attach my tracks.

RedSkwirrell 2008-07-22 19:11

I'm no expert on this style of music but one of my other forum names is "TheOne" so I felt that we "TheOne's" have to stick together.
Anyway, my opinion (for what it's worth):-

Of the two on offer, I preferred "We will get there".
I didn't like Lane 4 of the Piano contribution at all;
It's better once the beat changes but it didn't sound like it was part of the same song before that and only seems to fit slightly better after.
The song seems rather repetitive and needed something to break it up.

"Saw" was also repetitive but it did at least sound like was building to something.
Although that didn't actually happen either.

For me, if I were doing an EP, I would put a bit more into both of these before considering them for possible inclusion.

Bear in mind that these opinions originated from a Born-Again Ageing Headbanger.
So please accept them with the understanding that I have little or no idea what I'm talking about with your style of music.
Actually, I have no idea what I'm talking about most of the time.
I realise this criticism has been rather negative, but I have tried to be honest and constructive about it.
Hope it is of some help.

seanakio 2008-07-23 03:49

Hey man I just got a chance to listen to the tracks. I personally like "we will get there" It is missing the breaks though. Saw is also good but not as catchy as the other in my opinion. saw almost needs more bass or something, it is missing something, maybe move the whole note lane from the combi 2 to a seond note lane in the subtractor? I tried it out and to me sounded better.

Do you have vocals for your tracks? I would like to hear the tracks w/ vocals!

CHAV 2008-07-23 11:50

Hey bruv... Just listened Saw The drumz are weak and needs a bit more compression + a lil reverb ( I WOULD USE A BETTER QUALITY KIT). Panning is also useful. All your notes seem to be on the grid which gives it that RIGIDITY (MAKES IT LIFELESS). Also sounds life a bog standard midi file. Thats just my opinion.....

prizebeatz1 2008-07-30 06:07

will get there is definitely a hot one. dont hesitate on that one. the saw instrumental was decent but not a stand out. i'll give it a 7.5 out of 10. i loved what you had going on on combinator 1 especially in the yellow sections. thats a cool change up. I didnt like combinator 4. i listened to the track with that muted and its a hit. i would either find a different melody or just keeep it out altogether or maybe just use it a lot more sparingly maybe say at the intro and the outro or something. its good solid work though. the i wouldnt worry too much about the sounds on the drums. just concentrate on making solid music.

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