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1976sven 2008-07-23 16:14

Refill Packer with more functions...
My Idear to a new Refill PAcker with more functions cames across i used very often like for my prof and commercial refills.

So i always use the refill packer and he is nice as well, speedy and more but,
sometimes i will add a difrent new part to the refill and i must compile the refill again so this makes me a bit angry , so have diffrent versions from it. And the hd spce come smaller too.

Here my suggestion to the programmer, please make the refillpacker new and more for the producers avaible with a bunch of more functions like that all refills can be repack with a password. and a new refill format wereon can be patched by the refill producer like for updates or so. And a function for tagging the refill with a serial or even. And A Multifuction very i can create 10 or more copies with random generated serial up numbered by the packer too. So indeep i think the normal way is actual to do this all by hand. But Compile 100 Refills, this is a Day work for hours... so this must be automatical done too.

greetings maustaste, -> Refills and more...

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