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2008-07-26 11:38

Re-activating My Account
What's Up Everyone,

So, I've owned Reason 3.0 for about 2 years now. I registered when I first got it, and the last time I logged into my account on here was probably about 9 months ago...

Basically, I just got my Reason 4.0 Upgrade and it stated I had to log into my account to get the license for the installation...

Well, problem is, apparently my account has been deactivated, or put on some sort of hold.

Reason I know that, (no pun intended) is because I clicked on send the password to my e-mail, and it said that there will be instructions on how to re-activate my account coming to my e-mail shortly.

Now, my biggest problem is... I no longer use that e-mail, nor have any sort of access to it. I use to go to a school called Full Sail, and I registered with that e-mail address... So now, I have no way of receiving old passwords, or my account information and also how to re-activate it...


Does anyone know what my best way about this would be? I already e-mailed the webmaster, but who knows how long that will take... And to be quite honest, I'm in Los Angeles, working with a few respectable producers...

All advice welcomed.

P.S. - In case you're wondering, I had to go ahead and create a new account, this is it... Issue is, I don't have my Reason info with me, it's packed away in Vegas at my sisters...

RedSkwirrell 2008-07-26 12:39

I suspect you'll need to mail Prop's.
They'll want all the details of each registration item you mentioned above.
Without that e-mail address though, you may have a problem.
That is the security requirement to stop people pirating their software after all.

dawelo1958 2008-07-26 12:41

Rather than contacting the webmaster, send an email to support and explain the situation. The ideal thing would be to have your R3 license info, but perhaps you'll be able to confirm your old user id/password/email info to reactivate your account.

There have been some posts informing that many of the Props are on summer vacation so the response may be an extra day or two.

Good Luck.


2008-07-27 03:09

I may just call my sister tomorrow when she gets home, and see if she can read me my registration card info. in the box and then just re-register my software, and finally be able to upgrade...

2008-07-27 03:09

Appreciate it, sent one out yesterday, hopefully they respond quickly.

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