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lofi1990 2008-08-01 22:23

Recycle and Recording audio
i've been on a quest to simplify my recording needs. i have tried several different programs rewired, and i am looking into recording with a hardware device at the moment. i'm just not satisfied with the process that i have to go through every time i want to record a track. i would like a program that would sync with reason while recording, would have multitrack recording capabilities, and be able to cut up audio clips into rex files to make it a one stop shop for putting audio into reason (in its current state of version 4)

but by trying to get my head around things, i've come up with some suggestions that would make life a lot easier when you're trying to record audio tracks. that is, make a program, or upgrade recycle, so that you can do all the things listed above, and possibly in the next version of reason, make it a bit more accommodating to have reason and recycle work together.

give recycle an audio sequencer.

many people have suggested a recycle input machine. that would be a great start. maybe a device that accepts a stereo input from an audio track in recycle. then you can create as many recycle input machines in reason as you need.

possibly add "clips" to recycle so that each clip can be selected, edited, chopped (recycled) and moved. this would keep all the products uniform, and familiar.

don't get rid of the rex format! i would still like to see elastic audio (like most DAWS have) but i would hate to see them ditch the rex format. i have faith in the props though, and i believe that they would never do anything like that.

by having the audio and the midi two separate programs, as long as the kinks were worked out, that would actually be more efficient on multicore processors. you could have recycle on one, and reason on another.

make an option where you can mix down both reason and recycle to one stereo track. i don't know if that was possible with rebirth, i never tried to do that before, but i do know that would be very necessary (otherwise the whole point of it would be lost).

this would be good for several reasons:

people that don't want audio recording in reason would get their wish, and people that do want recording would also get their wish. win win.

reason would still remain exactly what it is.

recycle would have evolved, and would spark interest in people other than just reason users because it would become an audio editor and recoding device.

you would still be able to use recycle as a stand alone program.

reason would be able to process audio through its fx and and audio processors, making it much more suitable for live use.

plus, the props would come up with much better tweaks and functions than i could ever possibly come up with, that would make recycle a program that everyone MUST have...

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