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MicksTapeProductions 2008-09-25 01:43

Ultimate Dream Setup
Ok yeh i thought i might try and get a thread started so i could see what sort of equipment people would purchase if handed an unsigned cheque for use in their local audio distributors.

So here it is my dream studio setup.

Starting with the room. A 13x6 acoustically designed jam room with control and vocal booths, preferably with one wall double bricked with the opposing side honeycombed for that nice drum and cymbal sonic dispersion, a polished timber floor(preferably jarrah floorboards) with the rear wall (control room end) having acoustic geometric tiling above,below and sides of the viewing glass, the front wall having quality underlay,2-3inch, and patches of rubber foam in random shapes and sizes. The ceiling would have similar honeycombed acousting matting. Price - probably around 50-60k Australian.

monitors (screens) I would have one of the ones i own now, i have my pc hooked up to a 42 inch lcd flat panel made by reality (samsung panel) with a 24" lcs monitor to the side. Then i`d have a network of 3 the latest Apple G5`s that are maxed out ie;8-16gb ram for every processor. Thats the computer taken care of. Price probably close to 30k

Speakers/Monitors/Mixers/Rack Mounts. As i only have edirol MA-10A`s at the moment hooked up to a yamaha HTR-5740 with linked Leak, and glenwood speakers for the other channels (i monitor in true 2 channel stereo, then swithc to 6 channel to listen to the overall finished sound) with a yamaha 40 watt sub that came with the amp. As for dream monitors well i`d have a pair of near field KRK E8b 240 watt spekaers at desk level with twin floor standing Monitor Audio PL300`s for beside the desk. The amp/s would be yamaha P7000s with a Mackie Quad EQ and compressor tied to a Yamaha PM5D Version2. Probabaly costing close to 25-30k.

Mics. The vocals would be recorded through the Rode Classic 2 Studio, i`ve heard very good things about these mics and of the people i know that use them the vocals are crisp as you could want them, as for instrument mics i`d stick with what i have at the moment, the behrengerC2`s. i bought a pack of two for 100 NEW, got lucky, and one of my jam buddies has four of them and i think that for the low end class they are in the wuality cannot be matched. I would appreciate feed back on that. Its all in the cables and connectors i think. Price around 3-4k.

Guitars and Bass, plus amps/heads/quads. I own a Aria 1971 Goldtop re-issue, it is a copy but was made in 1971, in japan, and was subsequently removed from the market due to its EXACT imitation of the Gibson model. I was lucky to have had this handed down to me from my stepfather, a pom who purchased it along with a Gibson Les Paul Flametop,also a late 60`s model in manchester back in the heyday of brit rock/pop. The flametop is in my uncles hands at the moment but will be passed on once he gets to old to play. But to choose guitars i would have six more along with what i have at the moment (2 electric[Ibanez&Aria]/2 acoustic [Ovation&Valancie]/1 Fender Bass) 1. a Fender Telecaster 60`s CustomShop. Although i`m a really big Gibson fan, you can`t get the same sound from a cheap Fender as what you can get from the older versions. 2. A Rickenbacker model 360/12c (George Harrison model) Preferably HIS one but i`ll settle for the replica haha, 3. ESP Kirk Hammett Vintage, I like the flat neck and low action coupled with the Floyd Rose bridge, have played one and liked it, A LOT. 4. A Maton Australian Series, preferably the Tommy Emmanual version, my girls mates brother has this model and i play it as much as i can. Warm tones, great body,great action. aside from Martin acoustics, you can`t beat a Maaton full stop, period,ende. 5.A genuine Les Paul 51 Goldtop, Now this is my dream guitar, nothing needs to be said here other than they are rare,unmatched in sustain and warmth and hey its a Les Paul so the buck stops there. 6. Fender professional Bass. As for amps and heads, 1 JCM900 with Twin cabinets (original Green backs please) 1 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier w/Cabinet, 1 Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 600 Bass head and cabinet, 1 Fender 57 deluxe, again a fella i know has one of these, great for jazz/blues and has a nice depth that surprised me considering the size of the unit. All up here without taking into account the Goldtop and Telecaster, approx 50-60k. with those two, probably about 150k

Drums and cymbals. 3 kits, 2 normal one electric. 1. Pearl Masterworks custom kit 2. Sonor Danny Carey custom stage two series. 3.Roland TD20KWS elctric kit. I have played one of these at bill hydes in sydney and was blown away by how far electric kits have progressed, the response and quality of the sound is just phenomenal. Really if you had one of these in your studio you would need a live kit, that can/will be disputed i`m sure. All kits with Sabian XS 20 full sets with rack mounts and stands. I have a mapex Q with XS 20`s and love it. Around 50k

Keyboards and organs. A roland RD 300gx, my jam/band member uses this model and its the ducks nuts in my opinion. A 70`s Hammond (all tube/valve) with the leslie speaker cabinet. maybe 5-10k pending on the condition of the Hammond and leslie cab

Turntables. well the Technics 1200`s are the only way there. 3k

Wow that was an epic.....

So realistically for my dream studio i`d be looking at nearly 500k after buying all the cables,connectors,racks,mounts,cases etc.

Now unless i win lotto, become a drug baron,bank robber,gold digger,producer to the stars its a possibility that i may own that studio by the time i`m 50. i`m just on 30 now and plan to retire before i`m 50 so yes what a dream!

Anyone want to sponsor my dream? LOL!

roberttodd 2008-09-25 03:01

LOL pretty specific there man.

I just need all the classic synths from history nicely routed.

My washburn eagle guitar hooked up to a good marshal stack.

The latest and greatest commy with huge quadruple monitors. Best soundcard etc etc.

Various nice mics.

Probably have Nuendo 4 as a host.

I'd have to think hard on my choice of main studio monitors but I would deffo still have a set of NS-10's in there as a sideline.

A Solid State Logic desk. Probably a 9000 series but would also consider a 4000.

Just everything nicely routed and set up so I don't have to mess around with wires too much thats the main thing for me. Everything streamlined.

Yeah I'd have my 1210's in there too. And some CDJ's

MicksTapeProductions 2008-09-25 03:30

yeh i thought if i was gonna do this thread i might as well be as specific as i could be, im due to start my BA at SAE sydney in november so im getting super excited about being able to use proper equipment and learn the game PROPERLY instead of just teaching myself.
cheers for the post

defyohio 2008-09-25 05:29

Oh god, the ever growing addiction to the lust of equipment that we can't afford (without having to set up the studio in a vacant lot). I'll only put a little:

Mics- Neuman KM 184 (stereo pair), AKG-414 XLS, Mojave Audio MA-200, AKG D112, Sennheiser 421 (three of em), and an army of shure and audix

A Pro Tools HD3 system including the ICON mixer, with all of the MCDSP and Waves bundles... ALL of them. Just cause.

Guitars-Butterscotch 52' Tele reissue with a tapped Seymour Duncan quarter pounder in the bridge and a phat cat in the neck, Cherryburst 65' Les Paul with stock vintage PAFs, Orange Epiphone Flamekat w/ bigsby vibrato

FX-GE7 (a few), Route 66, Holy Grail, andabunchofpedalsicanteventhinkof

Oh yeah, and I'd love for my Bx8's to work. And to upgrade from the 1641 to the Firestudio. And maybe that axiom 49 to upgrade from my key 49.

All this gear talk makes robbing a bank sound that much more plausible... :)

MicksTapeProductions 2008-09-25 07:18


All this gear talk makes robbing a bank sound that much more plausible... :)
yes doesnt it what.

shame i`d never have the balls to do it haha.... i prefer my freedom to even one more day of greens and foil wrapped mystery dinners.

nice selction of guitars there mate, especially that 52 Tele, wow you know what ya like man.

cheers for the post

rudiarii 2008-09-25 09:00

I went on to Digital Village web site the other night and configured the Apple I would really like to buy... complete with a Mackie Controller I spent about £10k..... which reminds me I must go and get a lottery ticket...

lofi1990 2008-09-25 19:00

the ultimate setup is one in which is an extension of your self.

having a whole slew of gear is just going to hinder your music making process because there is a learning curve to most of it.

the ultimate setup is an accurate set up of good monitors, acoustically treated room that is accurate, a computer and midi controller.

you can have the best gear in the world but it won't make your mixes better.

a good addition to any setup is some ear training, and some musical inspiration.

determination and the ability to be able to complete projects is worth more than most gear.

that being said i would love a nice new mac pro and the new nevana quad card from UAD


MicksTapeProductions 2008-09-25 21:40

most defnitely true mate, what you say about learning the gear is bang on the money.

that said, if you aint got quality gear then you can only go so far.

check out

you`ll see what i mean. for me, to get the best out of what i`m creating i need better gear. and more knowledge.

thanks for the post mate

stay good

Rucafest 2008-09-25 22:13

Geez mate, thats cool, id just be happy with a better soundcard, lol...

lofi1990 2008-09-25 23:29


Originally Posted by MicksTapeProductions (Post 588376)
most defnitely true mate, what you say about learning the gear is bang on the money.

that said, if you aint got quality gear then you can only go so far.

check out

you`ll see what i mean. for me, to get the best out of what i`m creating i need better gear. and more knowledge.

thanks for the post mate

stay good

the gear you have can make music.

capturing that exact sound and making it sound proper on other systems is the tricky part.

my suggestion to most people that are trying to make music is that if you want to take your music further in your own home, you should focus on your speakers, and most importantly, acoustics. (check for information on acoustic treatment)

if you don't plan on doing your final mix at home, but in a studio, then some basic acoustic treatment and some halfway decent monitors is all you need. then take your completed tracks to a studio to complete them and mix them down.

expensive equipment will not make you a great song or track, but if you are already making great tracks, then it could be the final polish it.

that being said, i think the most coveted piece of gear should be a time machine. that way you would have all the time in the world to work on music ;)

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