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Dyverse 2008-11-03 16:18

Reason Synths Vs Fl Synths
Im new to reason and my cd's should be coming in the mail soon.
I also used Fl and I used an app called TOXIC.
TOXIC had some sickkkkkk synths in it.
I have yet to use Reason 3's Synths just yet but I wonder- does it compare?

Do you have to go through lengths to create those sounds?
Do other refills/plugins have similar synth sounds?
Im really wondering should I buy FL or not.

Enlighten me with your knowledge fellow propeller heads/

iammane 2008-11-03 18:34

I rewire the two extensively and I'd say it's worth purchasing. There are cheaper alternatives, but there are largely more expensive alternatives. The few things that Reason is lacking in FL will more than make up for with.

With enough combinator trickery and maelstrom/subtractors stacked with FX it will sound just as nice as Toxic. I don't particularly care for toxic but it's strictly a subjective opinion. The combinator opens QUITE a large door for sonic exploration :)

But ya, in short, I'd buy FL lol. Reason and FL play very nicely together (at least v4, I never tried 3 to be honest)

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