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BeAsAVerb 2008-11-27 18:56

Your Top 5 Feature Suggestions?!!!
So what are your Top 5 Feature Suggestions?

I've seen alot of great suggestions recently, some I hadn't thought of or seen before. But I was hoping we could make it easier on Propheads to view what it's users valued most in the next upgrade.


1. Multi-Effect w/Modulation Matrix (much credit Exode)
2. Dr. Rex/Recycle intergration into Reason w/improved sample editing and Timestretch. (see recent Eshefer thread).
3. Redrum Upgrade! 16 channels w/all existing channel features on each channel. Add reverse sample, adjust start of sample and 32 or 64 steps to sequencer (maybe detachable step sequencer).
4. NN-XT visual Wave editing. This could include Dr. Rex & Redrum, but would be most effective for NN-XT!
5. Random Thor/Subractor/Malstrom Patch Creation. (Thanks Chriskaos, great idea!)

cloudrunner 2008-11-27 20:49

Those all seem like good ideas.

Yeah, reverse, full-length sample start point, maybe even nice clean eqs on all redrum channels would make it a markedly better device.

I'd personally like to see more instrument (maybe cool organ/keyboard "plugins" ala logic 8)and fx devices (harmonizer/pitchshifter). You can never have enough of these! I've always been a massive fan of huge epic dense sweeping pad washes, PH could go to town and design the ultimate synth specifically for creating giant layered, morphing multi-timbral pads! I would die happy.

Also, maybe a 6/8 (triplets) function in the step sequencers.

AND MY BIGGEST REQUEST: definitely include the ability to automate all the dropdown panel parameters (not just the global ones) on the NNXT! If it's possible of course - I wouldn't know if there are any technical programming/design probs re this, but it would be really, REALLY handy to be able to automate those controls.

Hypothalamus 2008-12-05 15:56

1. New Physical Modelling synth

2. More oscillator types for Thor

3. More graintables for Malmström

4. Advanced sound mangling grain sampler

5. Ability to automate the sequencer's mute/solo-buttons! :)

DigitalBlood 2008-12-05 17:47

not a top feature by any means, but i wish the props would add a link/copy/paste parameters option for all the buttons, knobs, and sliders.

Epithet 2008-12-05 21:00

1. Impulse Response unit such as ColorTone vst. Great for adding hardware color to tracks

2. Self Cutting option in the ReDrum channels.

3. Retrigger waveforms in Subtractor

4. Midi out (should also remain active in ReWire mode) for our hardware synths.

5. Root latch button for samples in NN-XT for browsing drum samples so they stay in tune.

6. Better gate function.

claas 2008-12-05 21:43

My top-list:

1. Rebirth (TB-303) -like stepsequencer

2. integration of Recycle in Dr.Beat

3. Rewire-Input-Machine instead of Rebirth-Input-Machine

greetings, claas

juggaloj69 2008-12-05 22:01

- Automation for the gate/decay switch on the redrum.+Reverse sample switch on each channel in the redrum.
- Higher Quality sound engine.
- Spectrum analysis tools
- fully automatable Granulizer/ Beat Repeat Effect device.
- Sample Start Knob on nn19 scrolles through 100% of the sample.

and most importantly ************Full multi-core support***************.

BeAsAVerb 2008-12-07 02:46

Some great suggestions here, keep em comin'!

You know what I find interesting? No one; including myself, suggested Full Audio In capabilities. I think it's really a sign of maturity on our part. Seems we've begun to come to grips with what type of software we're dealing with here, and we've accepted that Audio In (or the lack there of) doesn't make Reason any less attractive.

lofi1990 2008-12-08 00:22

5. a new distortion unit with more control over parameters.

4. more filters and oscs for thor.

3. combi update - more parameter control.

2. audio input.

1. new drum sampler.

ASTY 2008-12-08 07:09

Heres a few suggestions:
1. hire the guys from Kyma and Hartmann Neuron to work on the next Reason sound engine.
2. Rob Papen refills
3. allow real-time collaboration over the net
4.add a modular visual synthesizer
thats it ... I hope its not much to ask.
Wonderful Holidays and Happy 2009 to all.

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